The Spanish tourism board is played in 15 days with three mega-operations

The Spanish tourism board is played in 15 days with three mega-operations

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The map in Spain of airlines, agencies and urban hotels will be reconfigured during the next fortnight with the resolution of the three major operations underway. On the one hand is the outcome of Iberia’s attempt to absorb Air Europa, which is joined by Wamos’s negotiations with Iberostar and Barceló, and the expected public rescue of a string of hoteliers.

The big transaction that conditions the entire tourist future of Spain is that of Iberia for Air Europa, which depends on Brussels softening its requirements, on the Government reformulating the conditions and deadlines to return the bailout to the Globalia airline, and that the Hidalgo family ostensibly lowers the price after the financial deterioration since the transaction was lowered to 500 million (Iberia maintains pessimism with the purchase of Air Europa).

The strategic sense of this operation would allow Spain to approach Asia by allowing the hub of Madrid to act as a bridge between America and the continent that will increasingly dominate this century. The alternative would be disastrous for Air Europa, as it would need a buyer, and the only two candidates with some synergy such as Air France-KLM or Lufthansa could not either in the short or medium term keep the Globalia group airline.

The map of the issuers, after the mergers between Avoris and Halcón-Travelplan, and between Viajes el Corte Inglés and Logitravel-Soltour, will also be completely reconfigured with the fit of Wamos in the World2Meet project or with the other option under the shelter of the Barceló Group despite having received the second largest public rescue in history with 320 million (Barceló, Iberostar and Soltour are interested in Nautalia).

And finally, the future of several chains such as Room Mate especially but also others such as Petit Palace, Abba or Soho is determined by whether the government maintains the position it has been exhibiting in recent times of refusing to save hotel companies by doubting that their strategic nature can be justified and considering that they have other ways of obtaining financing.

Thus, all these operations can be elucidated before Christmas without categorically ruling out that any can be resolved during January, but all of them coinciding with the fact that today all the possibilities of fruiting or failing the work of months and even years to accentuate the consolidation and reconfiguration of the Spanish tourist board remain open.