The odyssey of returning to China in times of COVID-19


The adventure of this Spanish teacher, who has a valid residence permit, begins on September 11, the date the PCR is done, three days before the flight. After obtaining the negative results, he had to send them to the embassy along with a health declaration to have them sealed.

Last Monday, September 14, Vázquez finally managed to fly to China, to the city of Xian. Shortly after, you will discover that a positive COVID-19 was traveling on that same flight.

Waiting to board.

Once in the country, the odyssey continues. According to this doctor in Languages ​​and Cultures, as soon as he left the plane he had to make different stops, one to deliver a document that he had previously filled out during the flight, another to fill out a new form and finally, a new PCR, “more annoying than in Spain, because they stick the stick from your nose to everything they give”.

As the blog explains China is your home, once the negative test result is obtained “they will take you to a hotel of their choice for quarantine”. “You will stay in the room for 14 days at the hotel. One person per room, with some exceptions such as if you have small children. All expenses are at your expense and paid in advance,” the blog details.

Back at the hotel, Vázquez tells how they tell with a manager per plant available to help you as much as possible. You should take your temperature twice a day: at 7 in the morning and 7 in the afternoon. “The joke costs 6,300 rmb (renminbi), about 800 euros for the 14 days with meals included,” he says.

“My first impressions are quite positive. You feel taken care of at all times; before they have even helped me with the suitcases, and it is all kindness. In addition, the manager of my plant responds quickly to the Wechat. First day that is ending with a quite positive balance “, highlights

A positive on the flight

During the quarantine, the Spanish teacher was informed that a positive, a 54-year-old Chinese citizen, was traveling on his flight. “Now he is in the hospital. The rest of us are still here with the same protocol. It is likely that in the test they do before leaving some more will come out. The tension stretches,” he says. However, Vázquez does not remember being around during the flight to any Chinese citizen of that age, so he is calm. “Also, I went the whole trip with a full mask + gel,” he explains.

Likewise, it details that in these cases the authorities also test those who were in the 3 previous and subsequent rows. At first, he explains that nobody has called him “so I’m even calmer.”

While you wait for your 14 days of isolation to pass, from your hotel window you can see how China is gradually returning to normality. An example: children who go to school do not have to wear a mask.

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