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The Occitanie CRT changes its name to include a dimension of local tourism


Playing the card of proximity, of the local … such is the ambition of the Regional Tourism Committee of Occitanie.
As part of this strategy, the regional operator in terms of tourism has chosen to change its corporate name showing the term “Hobbies“to be called now the Regional Committee for Tourism and Leisure of Occitania (CRTL).

It was during the Extraordinary General Assembly on September 17, 2020 in Toulouse that the project was presented.
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By changing its corporate name, the CRTL justifies this desire and this need to consume the holidays differently. Solidarity tourism, glamping, slow tourism, eco-tourism, sustainable and responsible tourism …, the CRTL has chosen to orient the communication of the Occitanie Sud de France destination towards these new holiday methods illustrating the values ​​of Occitality that it has been developing for two years “ states a press release.
Far from being a detail, this name change reflects a strong desire to consider that the consumption of leisure activities by the inhabitants of the region is an essential component of the regional tourism economy. It is perhaps even the one that carries the most promising growth vectors for the regional economy. “, Insists Vincent Garel, President of the CRTL who also specifies that” this decision is not opposed to the idea that foreign customers are also vectors of growth. But the time for a new balance has come. Summer 2020 has shown us that “.

Turn to local customers

In other words, Occitanie wants to engage more with local customers.
Several operations were launched this year: Occygène famille + card, Lio tickets at € 1, etc. demonstrating that it was possible to attract new audiences to leisure consumption.
It is because in Occitania we do not want this category of clientele to be only an “extra clientele” whose only role would have been to “replace” tourists from other continents, that the CRTL s ” engages in a new strategy, a new vision that it must be the tourist economy that redefines its benefits between inhabitants and visitors », Adds Jean Pinard, Managing Director of the CRTL.
2021 will thus be marked by the repositioning of the Occitanie Sud de France destination through a new signature placed under the sign of travel and leisure.
This new strategy will be built on 3 pillars according to the press release: Occitality, diversity and responsibility.