The new Berlin airport, bankrupt after a year of life

The new Berlin airport, bankrupt after a year of life

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It is not that it was not necessary, nor that it is oversized, nor that Berlin has erred in its forecasts: it is all the fault of Covid. However, the facts are glaring: exactly one year after its official opening, Berlin Brandenburg airport has just launched an appeal for aid because it is bankrupt (Berlin opens airport almost nine years late and in the midst of a pandemic).

Aletta von Massenbach, the CEO, said that only an injection of money could prevent bankruptcy which is a matter of days. ” We need money quickly, ” the airport manager told the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel.

In addition to the problems that have been generated by the fall in activity, the airport has payments to the companies that financed the endless works that, as is well known, lasted eight years longer than initially planned.

The owners of the airport are the German Federal Government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, which without the pandemic should have injected 2.4 billion Europeans by 2026.

The general manager of the airport acknowledged that it is very bitter to have to appeal for liquidity but there is no other way out. ” There is no plan B, ” he further explained, admitting the depth of the crisis.

Berlin Airport links one problem to the next. Its story is truly disastrous, especially after its inauguration was deeply delayed. The opening took place in the middle of the pandemic, which allowed a very slow start-up because the operation was withdrawn by the anti-Covid measures. However, the consequence of this is the lack of revenue which makes it impossible for the airport to survive even with the state aid already committed.