The Kings, the institution of more sensitive and focused on supporting the Tourism

The Kings, the institution of more sensitive and focused on supporting the Tourism

International tourism

The Kings Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz are showing to the Royal House as the institution most responsive and focused on supporting the Tourism in its worst ever experienced by the coronavirus. Their Majesties have undertaken a tour of Spain by choosing the points more tours to promote them, posing in front of the most famous beaches of the Canary islands, Majorca or Benidorm.

The Kings have the ability to hog the spotlight in the media, and have decided to dump it to encourage with your image to travel in a time in which there is still a fear to move in the needed messages of peace and normality as the attempting to transmit the head of the State is always accompanied by his wife for this task (Videos-The Kings converse with the sisters Fluxá and the brothers and sisters Riu).

The Kings, thanks to the regular contacts they maintain with the resort representatives, know first hand the problems of the Sector and how to support with all that is in his hand, that one part is with its mere image and posing, which makes them monopolize the covers of publications, such as this Saturday, the photo of the first page of The World.

This sensitivity and ability to transmit tranquility to the show in Palma in 2009, when ETA killed two civil guards in full July to try to scuttle the tourist season, and the day after the monarchs posed with their daughters stroll in the Cathedral before dozens of cameras that moved all of Europe with a few photos that Mallorca was a safe destination.

The support and responsiveness of the Kings makes them stand as the institution most involved in the Sector, in contrast with the doubts about the measures of the government and some autonomous regions, which in some cases in the past few months have come to give attacks open the industry to more employment generated in the country (The Kings show that his tour of Spain to promote tourism).