The fear, the enemy of tourism

The fear, the enemy of tourism

International tourism

The fear is free. Each one can have it in as far as you want. Or even, without wanting to. It may be immoderate, irrational, inexplicable, illogical. In fact, it is. I have my fears, some of which are absolutely inexplicable. I am ashamed to admit to them publicly.

The fears are known only when the human being is faced with limit situations. And the daring. Some people that their whole life passed unnoticed highlighted a day because he played the life to defend a child from a brutal attack, because they saved someone from an extreme situation, or because they faced violence, injustice and threats with a courage that all his relatives were unaware of. Others, in contrast, are cowards. Are valid in a thousand things, but in the face of adversity is arredran.

With the coronavirus, the same goes: it is capable of provoking such a panic in many who end up surprised because we didn’t think that had these fears. Do not attempt to explain all the studies in the world that the risk is minimal; it does not present an argument saying “see, to me there is nothing wrong with me”, because rationality does not operate on these people, we now see, are much more than we thought.

These panics condemn people to stay at home while you have a virus loose in the world. And there are many of them for quite some time. So that we can say that half the world today is willing to stay locked in their homes. The effects that affect us, it means that during the next few months, a proportion brutal of the world’s population is not willing to hop on a train, a plane or entering a hotel.

That is, we have an excess of planes, trains, hotels, accommodation. And this is why, pilots, personnel, airports, factories, airplanes, or hotel beds, restaurants, or chains of entertainment.

We thought that the issue of tourism were the closure of borders, but now that you have opened, it is fear that keeps us paralyzed in a fear that we did not know, against which you cannot legislate. That is, that is our immediate destination.