The electricity bill only drops 6% despite the gas cap


The cap on the price of gas used in power plants is a measure baptized as “the Iberian exception“, a mechanism authorized by Brussels.

Thanks to this measure, the price of electricity in the wholesale market has been able to drop 22.6% on the first day. Nevertheless, for now consumers and businesses will only see a 6% discount on their receipts.

In fact, and as recently pointed out by the consumer association OCUlimiting the price of gas used in power plants “is insufficient to guarantee an effective reduction of the invoicealthough it will make it possible to ensure that the invoice will not return to values ​​such as those we had last March (143 euros)”.

In this sense, OCU estimates that the maximum bill would be around 85 euros per month.

The electricity bill is a growing concern for companies and consumers. Photo: Adobe Stock

Variations in the average bill of up to 26%

Other consumer association, FACUAhas also warned that “the average user’s bill can vary by 26%, depending on the chosen offer”, according to a study carried out between different companies and payment models.

For this reason, FACUA advises users with free market contracts “to be very attentive to price updates communicated by their electricity companies“.

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