Le projet de "Hommage aux Héros"

The D-Day Festival Normandy is back!


From May 28 to June 12, 2022, the D-Day Festival Normandy is making a comeback in 2022 after two years of confinement due to the Covid pandemic. To mark this “rebirth”, two years before the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the festival is adopting a new visual. Every year around June 6, the D-Day Festival Normandy offers a program full of sporting and festive events on all the D-Day landing beaches! For the 16th edition of the Festival, the seven tourist offices of the Espace Littoral du Débarquement and the Battle of Normandy

join forces again and invite Normans and tourists to celebrate the freedom regained around a complete program of festive events…

Normandy: All the landing beaches are concerned

Since 2015, the festivities have been extended to the scale of the Espace Littoral du Débarquement and the Battle of Normandy. They are supported financially and promotionally by the Region and its Regional Tourism Committee as a significant event and identity of Normandy. For two weeks, Normandy will live to the rhythm of a hundred events which feed the program of this 16th edition: parachute drops, parades of historic vehicles (Grande Parade de Carentan), fireworks in Arromanches, giant picnic, book fair, exhibitions, sporting (Liberty Marathon and La Berniéraise) and cultural events, re-enactments of military camps, popular balls with Eul’Swing….

A D-Day Land is looming for the 80th anniversary of D-Day The President of the Region, Hervé Morin, launched several years ago the project of a “ Tribute to Heroes », very quickly renamed by the local press as the D-Day Land to refer to Disneyland. Land has been pre-empted in the municipality of Carentan, 32 hectares which could accommodate the project which is not completely unanimous. What Hervé Morin describes as a memorial space to celebrate the courage of the heroes of the landing, others see it as an amusement park that can offend the feelings of the families of the disappeared. Hervé Morin explains that we “ cannot settle for doing the event every five years. The objective is to be able to retain tourists for a few more days each year » . The site is supposed to welcome around 600,000 visitors between March and November with financing provided mainly by private funds for an amount estimated at 50 million euros. The project is presented by its promoters as a “living documentary”, articulated around an immersive staging combining archive images, new scenic technologies and tableaux vivants: ” you have to imagine a live documentary based on reworked archive images and sounds. There will be no songs, no dialogue. We are not in a musical, in a park but in a storytelling “, explain the directors approached for the project: the Canadians Serge Denoncourt
and Stéphane Roy, who have already been associated with the ethics and scientific committees for the writing of history.
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