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The CRTL d’Occitanie renews its environmental partnership with the UN


The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2022, is the lead agency within the United Nations in the field of the environment. Its main mission is to promote worldwide conservation, protection, improvement and support activities in the service of nature, natural resources, biodiversity… In this context, UNEP has the mandate to generalize the integration of the principles of sustainability in the tourism sector, both in its sustainable production methods and in its more responsible consumption methods.
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A combination of objectives to achieve operational results

We are delighted to renew this partnership with CRTL Occitanie as part of our Green Passport program which was launched in 2008. Regions have a key role to play to shape a more sustainable future for the tourism sector and support the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) says Elisa Tonda, Head of UNEP’s Sustainable Consumption and Production Unit. ” The CRTL’s historical commitment to sustainable development with the adoption as a priority strategic axis of innovation and the transition to more responsible tourism is a strong marker of the regional institution’s DNA through its Development Plan. actions 2022 “, specified Vincent Garel, president of the CRTL.
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