Le site pro du CRT Normandie sert de relais aux offres agrégées par Ty-Win (©DR)

The CRT Normandie chooses Ty-Win to sell the offers of its incoming agencies


So far the digital solution Ty Windesigned by the agency FunBreizh, had limited its ambitions to serving as a platform for other incoming travel agencies and hoteliers. It collected local offers designed, in particular, by members of the network France DMC Alliance, to distribute them to all its partners. A new step has been taken with the extension of the partnership to tourism institutions. Fact, the Normandy Regional Tourism Committee is the first French CRT to choose Ty-Win to market the offers of all Normandy incoming agencies.

In search of an original production that highlights the terroir

Since the start of the Ty-Win adventure, we have been convinced that proximity is a guarantee of quality “, Explain Jean-Vincent Petit, owner of FunBreizh. ” We are delighted that Normandie Tourisme supports all of Normandy’s incoming agencies with this partnership, which enriches the destination’s offers”.

Offers are created by local travel agencies who know their territory by heart and create experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. From Ty-Win, French and international travel agencies and tour operators can also offer their customers one-click packaged offersin the language of their country and thus distribute the best of the France destination.

Ty-Win, the private alternative to sell more and better

Ty-Win allows tourism professionals to market the local tourist offer in real timel in just a few clicks, without going through global reservation platforms. This French solution not only drives an immediate resumption of activity, but also offers an agile, attractive and more complete alternative offer than the world’s major reservation centres.
“Ty-Win continues to attract tourism professionals with new players such as regional tourism committees and tourist offices such as Saint-Quay-Portrieux, which has also just chosen us. », says Jean-Vincent Petit. “ The tool meets real needs and we all converge towards the same objective: ensure the relaunch of the Franc destinatione “.
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