The confusion goes beyond that

International tourism

The days, weeks and months are passing by, and, far from tending to normal, there are new fronts of confusion. At the end, nor the tourism, nor the air transport, are possible. One can’t organize anything because neither insurance, nor borders, nor the rules, nor the requirements are foreseeable. In part because the epidemic is changing, in part because our politicians react, or falling short, or moving.

In these moments, as they have reported a thousand executives from the tourism and aviation, there are two regions in Spain, two countries in Europe or even in the world, who apply similar standards. In some there are that have a quarantine of fifteen days, in others of ten; in a few there are who pass a test at the airport, there are others who take it spent, in a third group cannot directly enter.

Logically, there are that giving up on the summer. But for the airlines, especially for long-haul, there are that giving up on the exercise. Yesterday Air France KLM said, presenting his horrible numbers this quarter, that you try to standardize their services, “little by little”. For the five minutes to learn that one of its key countries have changed their regime of acceptance of travellers and has come back to spoil it all.

Simply, faced with the inability to be coordinated, it remains only to wait for the vaccine. This is a chaos and there is that resigned to it. Do not think that Spain is the worst, although we look our thing.