The Balearic Islands, one of the favorite destinations of the British despite being in amber


Since last July 19, the British who are completely vaccinated and have received the second dose 14 days before starting the trip, they can fly to destinations in Amber without having to undergo quarantine upon return to England. (See England removes restrictions on its “freedom day” in full swing and vaccinated British tourists will be able to continue traveling to Spain).

This possibility that those with the double guideline can travel to destinations on the amber list without having to isolate themselves upon their return has been one of the factors that has led tourists to finally opt this summer for their favorite destinations, such as the Balearic Islands and other parts of Spain, along with Greece, Portugal or France, which are in this classification, according to ABTA.

“Most of the destinations on the green list are not the typical places that people would visit at this time of year,” they explain from the association of British agencies

In this regard, ABTA gives an example of this preference: last weekend there was a public holiday (from August 28 to 30) and travelers have opted for this getaway mainly to Crete and Mallorca.

Mallorca was one of the favorite destinations for the British last weekend.

Along with these islands, the British have traveled on these dates to other popular destinations in the Mediterranean such as Croatia, Malta, Rhodes (Greece) and Cyprus, all of them in amber, except for Malta.

And it is that with certain exceptions such as Malta, Croatia or Madeira (now on the watch list and therefore with the risk of going amber) the destinations that the Government of Boris Johnson has placed in green are totally impractical in summer, either because they are far away (New Zealand, Barbados or Canada) or are not directly preferred by the British (Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Romania, among others).

It should be remembered that until July 19 there were harsh restrictions on traveling to the countries of the amber zone, which at that time was all of Spain, except for the Balearic Islands, and most of Europe. The relaxation of these measures has been a whole oxygen balloon for the country’s sector and for its traditional destinations, such as Spain, hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis.