The 20 must-have travel apps of 2019

The 20 must-have travel apps of 2019

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One of the most exciting things about a trip is preparing for it. Once you have bought the plane tickets, you have booked the hotel, you have bought the guide and you have studied it from start to finish, it is time to download all the apps you need for your new adventure on your mobile.
From all the endless list, we have chosen those 20 applications that you must have yes or yes in 2019. No matter where you go, when you go or if you use iOS or Android: install them and you will not regret it.

1. Kindle

No matter how much you like paper, using a Kindle on the go is proven to be much more practical than carrying 10 books. Although you won’t be able to trade books at local second-hand bookstores with Kindle, the rest are all advantages. With the Kindle app you don’t even need a Kindle anymore, just a mobile phone. Carrying all the books with you is always practical and makes your life easier. (Available for iPhone and Android.

2. SAS Survival Guide

Do you know how morse code works? And how to make fire? With this application, you will know. If you go somewhere lost outside the usual destinations, you must have this app. Devised by a former British Army soldier, this app contains hundreds of survival tips to help you both when you’re at home and when you’re on the go. Sure, you might end up in a great 5-star hotel in New York’s Greenwich Village, but, hey, you know what they say … better safe than sorry, right? (Available for ios and Android)

3. FlightAware

Go from downloading the application of each airport or airline, with FlightAware you can track flights in real time, receive alerts and see delays. (Available for iOS and Android)

4. LoungeBuddy

On a layover of a lot of hours and dying for a little peace / privacy / a shower? Why don’t you use the VIP lounges? LoungeBuddy gives you immediate access to 170 VIP lounges around the world with a prepaid system. Find the VIP lounge at the airport where you make a stopover, pay and go. (Available for iOS and Android)

5. Google Translate

A classic (on the Internet), Google Translate has an amazing feature: it works offline and translates in real time. Download the language you need, focus on the text you need to translate with the camera and… bang! Automatic translation. (Available for iOS and Android)

6. Duolingo

Packed with short lessons and games that teach you to read, write, understand and speak a language, Duolingo covers 27 languages ​​- including Klingon. Start with basic verbs, phrases, and simple structures and learn new words every day. (Available for ios and Android)

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7. TripIt

Do you have a trip prepared in which you have to take many planes or book several hotels? Or maybe you’re just not good at balancing the accounts? Then TripIt will become your best friend. Forward confirmation emails or give TripIt access to your inbox, the application will create a simple itinerary with maps included. A marvel! (Available for ios and Android)

8. XE

If you are like any neighbor and cannot calculate how many euros are 1 343 958 Vietnamese dong, then better use the currency converter application XE. Remember to update the changes just before exiting, this way you make sure you have the most accurate matches. (Available for iOS and Android)

9. AroundMe

AroundMe locates your position and shows you the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theater and taxi rank. Very useful if you want to see a movie … Or especially when you fall ill while traveling, for example. Available for iPhone and Android.

10. Wifispc

Although it is not essential, having Wi-Fi when you are traveling always comes in handy. Regardless of where you go, with Wifispc You will always be online thanks to the list of Wi-Fi networks and passwords that users update and that does not stop growing. (Available for ios and Android)

11. Yuggler

The solution for parents traveling with children… Yuggler shows you the interesting places for children that are close to where you are. Discover tips, look at photos and search using the filters, so you make sure you find the perfect place that fits the age and tastes of your children. (Available only for iOS, although they are already working on the Android version …)For more information read: 25 basic tips for traveling with children.

12. Touchnote

The perfect combination of classic and new technologies, Touchnote allows you to create your own personalized postcards using your photos. Maybe you don’t need this app exclusively if you’re going on vacation because sending and receiving postcards is always exciting. Touchnote allows you to create and personalize postcards from your photos, and it costs about the same as if you bought a regular postcard and stamp. To send postcards you just have to open the app, choose an image and add the text and the address.

Then the postcard will be sent automatically. You can send postcards anywhere in the world. Available for iPhone and Android.

13. Flush – the toilet seeker

You have to go or you pop. Install Flush, activate your GPS and find the closest bathroom of the 190,000 (and going up!) That are currently registered in the app. Super useful for those bumpy trips to India… Available for iPhone and Android.

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14. Prey Anti Theft

One of the biggest concerns when you travel and carry your expensive mobile phone is that it will be stolen … or that you lose it. In the event that either of these two things happens to you, Prey Anti Theft helps you locate your phone, lock it, activate an alarm, and much more. The app is totally free and very useful. Available for iPhone and Android.

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15. CityMapper

With 36 cities, CityMapper combines all the means of transport available in each city to find the best way to get from one point to another. It’s simple, easy to use, and super effective. Give it a try! (Available for ios and Android)

16. WeatherPRO

Everyone has their favorite weather app, but we love WeatherPRO. It comes with tons of information, including weather at ski resorts, beaches (with information on UV index and water temperature), and most importantly, it gets it right. Available for iPhone and Android.


We have all been in that situation where we have had to reluctantly activate the data connection because yes, we had lost ourselves. But now you can say goodbye to paying for data download with MAPS.ME. This app puts all the maps at your service, but without the need to connect to the Internet. You just have to remember to download the maps before traveling! Available for iPhone and Android.For more information read: Do you love cycling? Take a look at the best bike routes in the world, at least now you won’t get lost!

18. First aid

We hope you never have to use this app. You may or may not have notions of first aid, but we never know how we will react in an emergency. Install this app and you can always refresh your memory (ios and Android).

19. Skype

In addition to being essential to communicate with family and friends at home, especially if you travel alone, with video calls you will make them die of envy. And the best: it’s free! You only need to have an Internet connection. Available for iPhone and Android.

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20. momondo places

With offline maps, more than 200 tips from locals and a color-coded filter, the “momondo places” city guide will help you discover your destinations like never before. Color coding based on your mood helps you do more precise searches and find what you’re looking for. Download it now. (Only available for ios)
Do you already have them all installed? Then you are ready to travel. Now get out there and go discover the world, but don’t forget to send your mother a postcard!

BONUS: momondo

A list of apps would never be complete if we didn’t add our flight and hotel search app (we don’t have a grandmother, no). We are always updating it so that you can find the best prices for flights and hotels, your search is as intuitive as possible, and that way you do not miss any offer even if you are not at home (iOS and Android).

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* Roaming charges should stop being charged at June 2019. Until then, the UK is still part of the EU, but after… who knows!