Une galerie d’art à ciel ouvert d’arbres et d’œuvres (une centaine) se découvre à pied - DR : Mathieu Mouillet

Ten unusual places to see through … the Diagonal of the Void!


The wind of the forests (Meuse)

At Wind of the Forests, residents and artists create artistic routes.
An open-air art gallery of trees and works (a hundred) which can be discovered on foot along the 45 kilometers of trails.
The walk is a superb opportunity to discover the forest where the tender green tongues of the grain fields are intermingled and where works of contemporary art interact with nature.
Art or nature, which is the pretext to come and discover the other? We no longer know very well.

The paradise of Sommevoire (Haute-Marne)

A few kilometers from Lac du Der, the paradise of Sommevoire delight lovers of places steeped in history, sensitive to timeless atmospheres.
In a dusty barn, a stone’s throw from the art foundry, Joël and the companions of Saint-Pierre guide you through this stone labyrinth.

Stroll among the 1,000 models that make up the collection and discover the history of the art foundry told by passionate amateurs.

Clairvaux abbey-prison (Aube)

It is the second most visited place in Dawn, and for good reason!
Clairvaux, largest abbey in France and Europe in the Cistercian era, was also the largest prison in France and in Europe.
No free visit to this place of confinement, which still has a high security prison inside its walls.
Between the cells, the clicking of locks and the beauty of Cistercian architecture, guaranteed thrill.

The basilica of Vézelay (Morvan)

On the paths of Santiago de Compostela, Vézelay and its eternal hill attract visitors.
Pilgrims, tourists, walkers … You will find everything and its opposite.
Pilgrims come to meditate in one of the most beautiful basilicas in all of Christendom.
Lovers of secret geographies come to find the hidden symbols.
Hikers come to admire the sunrise over the Morvan forest.
Large book of stone and light, Vézelay hesitates between the religious, the esoteric and the pagan.

Street Art City (Allier)

Industrial wasteland? Squat? Art Gallery ? A little bit of it all at once.
Street Art City presents itself as the new capital of urban art.
It is above all a small town drowned in the silence of the hedgerow that brings urban art to the heart of the Bourbonnais.
The place brings together the cream of the graffiti and urban art scene. Street artists come from all over the world to cover the walls with graffiti and frescoes.
A unique place between artistic squat and urban exploration.

The Menoux church (Indre)

On the borders of Indre, on the banks of the Creuse, Menoux church is one of a kind.
On its white walls, the flamboyant frescoes of the Bolivian painter Jorge Carrasco, who lived – and died – here for thirty-eight years.
Art is love and love is life. Do not be afraid to live. We must not be afraid, we must always move forward and live in the light.
This is the message that the artist illustrated on the walls of this church, eight years of volunteer work to represent his vision of a God who merges with life.

The Cézallier

Between the Golden Mountains and the Cantal Mountains, the Cézallier plateau offers sublime views of all the summits of the Massif Central: Puy de Sancy on the Puy de Dôme side, Puy Mary on the Cantal side.

Located in a volcanic region, the Cézallier massif itself has a few craters that have become lakes over time.
An ideal destination for lovers of nature, immense skies and endless horizons, crossed by the cycling route of the great crossing of the Massif Central, in the ringing of the bells of herds.

The gorges of Aveyron

Penne, Bruniquel, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val
Perched between river and cliffs, the medieval villages of gorges of the Aveyron hesitate between castles and breathtaking panoramas.
The Aveyron offers some places to swim and the possibility, if the water level is suitable, to descend the course of the river feet in the water.

The town of Asque (Hautes-Pyrénées)

In the heart of the Pyrenean baronies, a mysterious humid forest covered with lichens and mosses is nicknamed “the little Amazon of the Pyrenees”.
This is the town of Asque, the little Amazon of the Pyrenees, a forest where moss reigns supreme.
The ground is lined with green, the trees, bent over the torrent, perched on the rocks, drape themselves in mushrooms and take on the air of great venerable sages.

The Holzarte footbridge (Basque Country)

Stretched above Olhadubi Gorge, the dizzying footbridge of Holzarte provides mild dizziness.
For some, it is the end point of a pleasant walk along the torrent which cascades below.
For others, just a step on the GR10 which crosses the whole chain of the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

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