Telework, local, crisis ... Maud Bailly (Accor) tells us why tourism will no longer be the same (Video)

Telework, local, crisis … Maud Bailly (Accor) tells us why tourism will no longer be the same (Video)


In March 2020, the sector’s activity stopped, Facebook groups were formed to talk about post-crisis tourism, sometimes mocked or contested, there is less and less doubt that tourism will never be like before.
I think the 21st century begins in 2020, because nothing will be the same again. We are entering the 21st century of tourism.
The 20th was that of mass tourism, the new one will perhaps be that of concern for others,
“predicted Sophie Lacour last May, on
The more time passes, the more the crisis spreads and the more the habits taken in this extraordinary period will continue in the future.
As part of the days organized by the Francophone Village of CES Las Vegas, we were able to interview Maud Bailly, CEO of the Accor group.

What are the trends of Maud Bailly (Accor) for tourism and hotels in the post-covid era?

The former head of e-commerce for the hotelier has played the game of trends that will mark tourism in the future. Please note, with the advent of teleworking, it may well be that hotel rooms are no longer rented for a week, a month or a quarter.
One thing is certain: “Health reinsurance will become a standard, just like other standards in the sector, such as PMR, sustainable development, real estate quality, etc.
I think that this health standard will one day be taken into account by the legislator and integrated,
“explains Maud Bailly, Managing Director for Southern Europe of the Accor group.
Moreover, the manager of the hotelier also agrees with Sophie Lacour’s analysis, the tourism of tomorrow will be that of rebuilding concern for others, but also for oneself.
At a time when we have all suffered from confinement, withdrawal, II think that there is a boulevard in this tourism of well-being, undoubtedly with a local, regional dimension, very homecoming. And this trend will very certainly influence the behavior of our customers in the medium term.
If the trends seem positive and push the sector to reinvent itself positively, there is another one that makes people fear the worst: the flight of business travel.

We risk losing a percentage, and ultimately, of the business. I’m not sure international business travel returns to the 20,219 level.
Companies have learned to be more digital and organize online events, they have seen the economic impact that this can generate,
“Maud Bailly analysis.
While teleworking is disrupting our certainties and habits, Accor has decided to adapt.

Hotels are places of life and we are going to make them available to people so that they no longer have to choose between home and the office. Hotels are not just a place to sleep.
You know that a lot of groups are reducing their office property. We provide our hotels around the hotel-office concept.

To find out more, just watch or listen to the video above.