• Tegnell wants to see a common EU line on travel

Tegnell wants to see a common EU line on travel

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At Thursday’s press conference, Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell was asked whether it is reasonable that Swedes may not travel to certain countries with reference to the spread of infection here.

– I think it would be good if we could land in a common EU position on the extent to which traveling between countries poses a risk or not and make a wise analysis based on it, says Anders Tegnell.

– It is unfortunate and sad with decisions here and there that go in different directions. I think there is evidence to make a joint decision instead, says Anders Tegnell.

What is needed to prevent travel from adversely affecting the spread of infection?

– It is important to find something that all countries can feel safe and satisfied with. There will surely be many political discussions around it, says Anders Tegnell to DN.

Are all countries at the same level when it comes to spreading infection before the summer?

– You have to discuss how important it is to be on the same level.

More and more countries in Europe have begun to open their borders to visitors this summer. But not all tourists are welcome. In several cases, there is a ban on the entry of Swedes due to the continued high death rates in Sweden.

When the Netherlands, one of the worst affected countries in the EU, seen in the number of dead in covid-19, opens to tourists on June 15, Swedes and Britons are among the non-welcome nationalities.

– The message is that we do not want them here at the moment. If they come here, they must spend two weeks in quarantine, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at a press conference.

Even in countries like the UK, Greece, Bulgaria and Estonia, Swedes have to quarantine for up to 14 days.