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Sustainable tourism: planting trees, how and why?


Laurent Abitbol Chairman of the Board of Selectour brought up the stage of the Congress Selectour the subject carbon emissions generated by tourism companies.

It was not a given that such a theme could appear on the menu of this annual event. Remember his statements and those of a few other industry representatives during a roundtable on distribution at IFTM Top Resa. This time the president of Selectour did not take part in the discussions, he left it to his two accomplices “eco-friendly sores but who travel in business class “ : Jean-François Rial, CEO of Voyageurs du Monde and Jean-Pierre Nadir founder of FairMoove to discuss the subject.

“This is a subject on which we are increasingly questioned”

“Ecology is a subject that will catch up with us. Environmentalists are going to take power all over the world and the law will end up imposing certain things on us even if it is true that in the short term people want to consume and travel estimates Jean-François Rial.
“It’s a profession that must be reinvented. From the right to travel for all we must move to responsible tourism for all“adds Jean-Pierre Nadir. While it is true that there are 10 Voyageurs du Monde offers to customers to offset carbon emissions on a voluntary basis. “had a flop” evolution is now underway.
“Today, sustainable tourism is still not the main criterion for choosing a trip. The quality of service and the price still matter the most, but it is a subject on which we are increasingly questioned while this was not the case before “ adds Jean-François Rial. From now on World travelers directly integrates the absorption of carbon emissions generated by the travel of its customers into the price.

Pressure from customers, employees, the media and shareholders

And beyond the customer base, the commitments made remain a strong signal for the employer brand: “There will be increasing pressure from company employees. If I did not have commitments on these subjects, young graduates would not come to me “.

Not to mention the pressure from shareholders or the media … “And it won’t stop“he launches. In this context the “Worst answer is to say why we are the only ones targeted. To get there, everyone has to make an effort continues the CEO of Voyageurs du Monde. Except that in this context, tourism has “a major handicap because we do not know how to decarbonise the aircraft. At best we can lower emissions, so we’re going to be singled out even more“underlines Jean-François Rial.

“We do not know how to decarbonise the plane”

However, the aviation sector has set itself an ambitious, even impossible to achieve, objective: “achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 “ (Source IATA). At best they could be halved by 2050. If the commercial solar airplane is a utopia, the hydrogen and electric airplane will remain “hypothetical, long and complicated “. Not to mention the problems linked to the sole production of hydrogen, which must also be carbon-free.

An opinion shared by Marc Rochet, CEO of Air Caraïbes: “the introduction of new aircraft that consume less kerosene, the optimization of flight plans, the flight strategy of aircraft in formation called “wild geese”, the electrification of track vehicles and the introduction of new technologies to optimize trajectories should allow us to achieve a 40% reduction in our emissions. But it will take time to see a new aircraft engine hit the market, developing an engine costs millions of dollars. “

Increase negative emissions by carbon absorption

So how do you reconcile tourism and reducing carbon emissions?

Today, a French person emits an average of 10 tonnes of CO2 per year. To achieve the objective of the Paris agreements, we must therefore divide this impact by 5 and arrive at 2 tonnes by 2050.

The mission is perilous since the share rating to be respected per inhabitant by 2050 will be the carbon equivalent a return trip Paris – New York, i.e. 2,000 kg of co2 per year. (For the curious who would like to visualize what a CO2 weight represents in daily object or activity Click here ) For Jean-François Rial, the only possible way is to increase negative emissions through carbon absorption. A strategy that should not be implemented only by industries that cannot make their ecological transition. “

Plant trees, but not just any old way

How? ‘Or’ What ? By planting trees. But not in just any way.
You have to plant trees that will not be burned or cut for 50 years and it has to be a new, additional project that no one would have done for you. specifies the CEO of the tour operator. Indeed, buying trees in a forest that will see no matter what the day is not considered an additional project. If the subject is complex, however, it is now essential for all tourism stakeholders to take it.
“70% of the French have an ecological conscience this clientele must be captured by the traditional market. Because the mastodons have already entered the game.“warns Jean-Pierre Nadir. Indeed Booking has created a badge “Sustainable Travel Establishment” to identify establishments with eco-responsible practices. For the founder of Fairmoove, a Group like Selectour must integrate this notion which could be a real opportunity for the network. I do not despair given the intuition and vision of its president. “

A good hearer …

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