Summer vacation : the Gorges du Verdon victims of their own success

Summer vacation : the Gorges du Verdon victims of their own success

International tourism

The holidaymakers have deserted the Côte d’azur this year. By fear of falling on the crowded beaches, they are folded to the inside of the land, in the Gorges du Verdon. But many have had the same idea.

This natural site, which winds its way through the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and the Var, has become this summer a highway to kayaks and paddle boatsa chassé-croisé of hell. Leisure travellers sometimes spend several hours at the edge of the lake of Sainte-Croix. “I was not expecting to see as much of the world,” says a tourist.

In the Gorges, it is the Champs Elysees“explains Astrid, who rents paddle boats to holidaymakers. “In the afternoon it is full, it is very complicated to move elsewhere, it is hell. There are really much more of the world than in other years and a lot of French people, there must be 10% of foreigners,” she adds.

At the exit of the containment, the French have want large open spaces and avoid the crowds, this is especially the case of Sabine, “we had to go much further, but everything has been cancelled so we returned to France and up the sides a little natureso we came in the “Gorges du Verdon”.

This year, it will share this site with much more of the world than usual.