Summer vacation : the company MSC Cruises resumes its activities in the Mediterranean

Summer vacation : the company MSC Cruises resumes its activities in the Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean cruises will resume little by little. The August 08, the society of navigation MSC Cruises has announced the resumption of its activities at sea. From the 16th of August, a first vessel, the MSC Grandiosa, will welcome new passengers. On the 29th of August, it will be the turn of a second ship, MSC Magnifica, to resume the sea.

The company promises a new health protocolapproved by the authorities of the country in which the vessel will call. “The new procedures, which include testing the Covid-19 for all the guests and the crew members prior to boarding“, promises the executive chairman of MSC Cruises, Pierfrancesco Vago, in a press release.

The excursions will be reserved for passenger boats, and the company promises to reduce “to the extent possible, the need for passengers to use public transport”.

Cruises in Italy, Malta and Greece

In practice, the destinations will be Italy, Malta and Greece. Each boat will visit five ports in these countries. All other destinations which were provided by the company’s navigation until the 31st of August are cancelled. The people who had planned a cruise before this date will be required to request a credit for a future cruise or transfer their booking on one of the new routes offered. In the latter case, they will be able to enjoy free trips as compensation.

The ships of MSC Cruises does not welcome also passengers residing in the Schengen area. They will be subject to the sanitary rules in force in the country of destination. All the other travelers who had booked a cruise and automatically receive a credit.

The company hopes to be able to resume gradually its activities elsewhere in the world during the summer. On the other hand in the United States, MSC Cruises has cancelled all of its cruises with the departure from the country, at least until the 31st October inclusive. This decision follows a similar announcement from the Cruise Lines International Association, american association of professional cruises.