Summer strike of Ryanair TCPs in Spain


Ryanair’s TCPs in Spain state that they feel treated as “third-party workers” by the airline, without respect for their rights, which is why they have been forced to mobilize to make their reality known.

Both unions, selected by the workers to represent them in their negotiations, denounce that the agreement with the CCOO, a union without a significant presence in the collective, legitimizes the precarious conditions of the TCP

The objective is for Ryanair to be forced to comply with court rulings and resume negotiations for the first collective agreement for TCPs in Spain, which they had been negotiating for eight months with Sitcpla and USO. “It is the only international airline in our country without a collective agreement,” the unions recall.

They assure that Ryanair continues without applying the Spanish labor legislation: the TCP continue without the right to the 22 days of annual vacations, nor the 14 national holidays. In addition, the airline hinders access to reduced working hours due to legal guardianship and/or family care. Nor do the workers receive their pay slips following the legal model or in Spanish. It does not respect the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations nor do they give water to their crews on planes, among others.

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