Summer holidays : what destinations are preferred in Europe ?

Summer holidays : what destinations are preferred in Europe ?

International tourism

Historical Monuments, beaches, mountains … After two months of confinement, travel outside of Europe remain complicated and many will spend their summer vacation on the Old continent. But significant restrictions remain in several countries, and the pandemic of sars coronavirus is regaining intensity in some.

Spared until then, the countries of central Europe, including the great tourist attractions of Croatia and Serbia, presented themselves as destinations of choice for the summer of 2020. Serbia had even allowed the maintenance of the festival music Exit, which hosted the last summer 200.000 spectators in a capacity reduced by half, from 13 to 16 August.

The number of cases increasing since the end of June at an alarming rate in this country of the Balkans. To counter it, the president Aleksandar Vucic has introduced a curfew fulla measure rejected by a part of the population and that causes demonstrations and riots since this Tuesday, July 7 with several arrests and injuries.

If she does not recovery of important measures, Croatia also has a new episode of infection and the number of cases daily, almost reaches the one of the months of march and April. The authorities of the country, for which the economic importance of tourism is significant, seek to reassure, and no further restrictions have been announced.

The concern has also gained other countries of the region. Macedonia in the North, who had almost not lived through the crisis of the COVID-19, is experiencing an explosion of cases. The same applies to Kosovo, which was recorded yesterday 214 new infections, a record for this State of less than two million inhabitants, and Albania, where the virus is spreading a little more each day. Further south, Greece is not known for the moment no major upsurgebut the authorities worry about the impact of the arrival of important tourists this summer.

Closer to France, Spain, Italy and Portugal are once again accessible. After the appearance of several clusters, parts of the Galicia and the Cataloniawhere the wearing of masks is mandatory in any place from the 9th of July, are reconfinées, as 19 districts of the region of Lisbon. It is, since June 15, possible to make in the majority of the Schengen area.