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Direction the Vercors with family for perfect summer vacations in slowtravel mode with children. Here Sophie shares with us her program for 1 week vacation in the Vercors with her 2 children.

For those who do not situate the Vercors well, it is a plateau mountain located between 1000 and 2000m altitude, located between Drôme and Isère. Nature is omnipresent here since the Vercors Regional Natural Park occupies most of the space! A real treat for lovers of greenery, hiking and with breathtaking views on the slopes of the Vercors.

Place of your summer family vacation: Vercors

Can you present, give us the age of your children during these family holidays in the Vercors?

We left in the Vercors with family in July 2021, with our 2 boys Alexandre 10 years old and Maël 5 years and a half. We love to travel a lot and have already tested these family destinations: Madeira 2012 (featured on the blog here), Norway 2013 (see the article Norway with baby), Italian Great Lakes in 2014, Costa Rica in 2017, Quebec (and Gaspésie) in 2018, Slovenia and Northern Italy (Dolomites, Lake Garda and Verona) in 2019 and mops in France… And following the covid, a trip not carried out in Vietnam in April 2020 🙁

Link for the interactive map to downloadr – Sophie’s visits in blue

Our stay in Corrençon en Vercors – Villard de Lans with the family: 3 nights

Fat crush for Corrençon, very few people when we were there, located on a very quiet plateau.

Infos Travel and Children: Correncon is located in the northeastern part of the Vercors Regional Park. It is attached to the village of Villard de Lans, 5 km to the north and together form the Villard de Lans Corrençon mountain station. In summer, it is a paradise for hiking and nature, in winter long live the joys of skiing on the Villard de Lans area.

Corrençon in Vercors

Where to sleep in Correncon with the family?

Favorite address at ZeCamp for accommodation, between hotel and youth hostel, run by former biathlon champions (Marie Dorin). Family room of 4 with 2 mezzanine beds, excellent meals possible on site, common room with games for children, really nice atmosphere at the end of the road.

For more information: – see other reviews

2 very nice places to eat around Correncon:

Le Clariant: Access only on foot, 2km walk, we had a snack there… very nice!

Restaurant Aux 2 Soeurs: Run by 2 sisters, meals to take away or on site, in zero waste mode. We ate there several times on the go

What to do in Corrençon en Vercors with the family?

Orientation races in the village to find out

The village offers several orientation routes to discover the rural heritage of the Vercors plateau. The races are aimed either at families or at adults. To practice this activity, pick up a map (free at the tourist office), put on your sneakers, plan a bousolle for certain routes ahead for the adventure. You have to find the markers scattered around the course and answer the questions!

The zipline in the playground

A pretty shaded and free park is located in the center of the village. children can have fun on the zip line.

La Glacière ride – family ride

Travel and Children Info: A short walk of 2 hours around in the woods for 6 km route. A slight elevation gain of 150 m allows you to reach the Grotte de la Glacière. But beware, it seems to me that it is forbidden to enter the Grotto.

Lac de Moucherolle – Family hike in the Vercors

The hike to Lac de la Moucherolle departing from Villars de Lans. Gondola ride, therefore easily accessible. If your children are good walkers and grown up, we advise you to go through the crest path rather than the big track. (download the pdf of the hike here)

  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Km: 6 km
  • Elevation: 310m
Moucherolle lake
Easy Vercors hike for families
The route des Crêtes – Corrençon

Observe the mountain fauna at Col des 2 soeurs

Marmots and ibex on the program towards the Col des 2 Sœurs, on the Pas de l’Oeille

Hike to the Belvédère des Cimes in Lans en Vercors

The walk from the vertigo belvedere des Cimes in Lans en Vercors with a superb view of Grenoble and the Alps. At the end of this family hike, a steel installation Le Vertige des Cimes invites you to advance 2.1m above 300 m of void. This allows a breathtaking view of Grenoble and the Chartreuse and Belledone mountains. (pdf here)

  • Duration: about 3h30
  • Km: 7 km
  • Elevation: 310m

Prepare your holidays in the Vercors

Family stay at La Chapelle en Vercors

We then spent 4 nights in Air Bnb at La Chapelle en Vercors.

(I can give the bnb address if you want, it was clean, functional and well located away from the Rue Principale)

La Chapelle en Vercors is a good base for exploring the plateau.

What to do around the Chapelle En Vercors with children

Bathing in the swimming pool

The heated outdoor municipal swimming pool for a dip at the end of the day!

Family hike in Font d’Urle

The karst trail ride at Font D’Urle, superb view and impressive cliffs! An easy hike for families, with only 2 hours of walking for 4 km, and an elevation gain of only 200m. (pdf hike here)

The orientation course at Chaud Clapier

Explore the Gorge de Combe Laval

The impressive road to Combe Laval, made at the end of the day… we didn’t see anyone 😉

Travel and Children Info: this tourist route is one of the old roads carved out of the rock in the 19th century as a trade route. The roads of the Vercors are famous for their narrowness and their impressive sheights! It joins Vassieux en Vercors from St Jean en Royans over approximately 32 km!

Fill up on activity at Col du Rousset

The Rousset pass is another mountain resort. Here there are plenty of activities: summer tobogganing, electric scooters, downhill mountain biking, wooden games …

Family hike: L’ours du Vercors at Col du Rousset

We opted for the Ours du Vercors hike, ascent by chairlift. You can easily see the vultures nesting in the cliffs.

  • Km: 7
  • Elevation: 310m
  • Duration: about 3 hours

Sinking into the depths of the Grotte de Choranche

The Choranche cave, worth it … walk a bit on the trails to see the waterfall and the underground lake further!

>> To learn more about this visit, read my visit to the Choranche cave with family here

Do you have any advice for other travelers regarding a stay in the Vercors?

Still full of things to discover in the Vercors, I was advised of the gorges, the resistance memorial in Vassieux… in short, I will have to go back! (In a van, it seems great to us)

Very few tourists, large preserved spaces: we really liked it!

Suitable for children for beautiful walks with a view, the height differences are easy

Orientation course everywhere and fun for children (download from the net or brochures from tourist offices)

Oh, this article reminded me of a lot of family outings when I was a kid! Hope this article will give you some ideas for future summer holidays in the Vercors with the family.

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