Summer holidays in Corsica : what you need to know before you go

Summer holidays in Corsica : what you need to know before you go

International tourism

Destination is already very popular, the Corsica may well be the perfect vacation place for this summer 2020. Between friends or in family, the island will seduce lovers of beaches such as those of hiking or mountain. Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, holiday destinations will be limited this summer, the opportunity to discover or rediscover the island of beauty.

Tuesday, June 23, has completed a campaign to promote the island : “the island of Corsica, a destination of confidence,” directed by the Tourism Agency of Corsica (ATC) in the hope to reassure both tourists and the population of corsica. In fact, there is still a little bit of time, nothing ensured that the French can go on vacation this summer.

However, the recovery of tourism is felt on the island of beauty as testified Frédéric Pilloud, director-digital platform MisterFly : “Since the beginning of June we start to have some signals of a recovery. We had never seen it, the island became our destination the most sold in Francea note on four we sell is bound for Corsica, it even beats Paris it is very impressive”.


This recovery, still slow, was made possible after the government announcements. On June 2, the restrictions of flights to Corsica, have been suspended, however, the flights between the island and the mainland were limited to compelling reasons or professional. Since then, the island is preparing to receive soon a wave of tourists. In fact, the air traffic, while more limited than normal, starts to regain seriously.

In fact, as soon as the lifting of the decree, the local airline, Air Corsica, has deployed its offer of recovery and offers as well more than 11,000 flights between June 25 and October 24, 2020, representing nearly 1.5 million seats. As of 26 June, the paris Orly airport will resume the service.

Regarding the sea connections, the supply of crossings is almost back to normal. The links have already resumed a more limited from Toulon, Nice, Livorno and Savona, and should resume normally as of 1 July, reports The Figaro.

Accommodation and leisure

Tourism accounts for 33% of GDP Corsica, compared to 7.4% for the national averagetherefore, tourists are highly anticipated on the island of beauty, especially when we know that 20% of the jobs on the island are seasonal.

On the side of the beaches, the light is green. Almost all of them have reopened since the weekend of the ascension. For leisure “the offer remains unchanged, but it fits“said Nanette Maupertuis, director of the ATC fellow of the Figaro before you add that “the principle of separation physical will be applied by all providers of activities” (boating, excursion in nature, or guided tours).

The director of The Tourism Agency of Corsica has also indicated that the museums etr archaeological sites “can be visited without restrictions.” About accommodation, hotels, campsites and holiday centres are eagerly awaiting the return of tourists. The CTA states have worked side by side with hosts, “to be successful this summer season”. In fact, the brand “Safe In Corsica” has been launched and allows key actors in the tourism sector to adopt this regulation “reinsurance of health”.

Sanitary measures

If the request of the community of Corsica, about the establishment of a “green pass” is a passport health has not been retainedthe island puts in place a number of precautions in order to reassure the tourists, the Corsicans and to prevent the spread of the epidemic.The authorities have chosen to propose as of July 1, and “on the basis of the volunteering”, the tourists are coming to Corsica to carry out a test preventive, 48 to 72 hours prior to travel. In addition to this, among other things, temperature controls in ports and airports, intensive care units strengthened. Last week, the authorities have introduced a battery of measures to secure the tourist season in Corsica.To do so, a “autoquestionnaire” of health will be passed to the booking of travel, explained the prefect of Corsica, Franck Robine and the director of the regional Agency for health Marie-Hélène Lecenne, during a press conference. “The test volunteer participates in the prevention and helps to educate those who come in Corsica but the obligation has not been chosen because it would have presented too many disadvantages to the material and legal,” said the prefect.

38 beds available in the icu compared with 18 last season

Always on a voluntary basis, “the mobile squads will also perform testing campaigns preventive”, 1.000 between 1 and 15 July. The ability tests RT-PCR detection Covid-19, for sampling nasopharyngeal will be increased to 2,100 tests per day in July and Augustcompared to 1,500 today. In the epidemic context current, 600 seats have been released in order to be able to place positive people in solitary confinement, if they had no place to do it. In the icu, the number of beds available goes from 18 last season to 38 for the whole of the island.A unique number 116.117 which allows to obtain a medical consultation Covid-19 is also reactivated. A prospectus, which is available in several languages and detailing the useful numbers, the recall of the gestures barriers, and a link to the list of collection centres, will also be given to the travelers.