Stay at the Extraordinary Christmas House in Gramado #ad

Stay at the Extraordinary Christmas House in Gramado

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Happy nights at the Extraordinary Christmas House in Gramado

This Christmas, it will be possible to stay with Santa Claus! Well, almost that … smile

Between October 24 and January 11, the Casa da Montanha Hotel, in Gramado, becomes the Extraordinary Christmas House, offering a complete immersion experience for guests who are fans of Christmas parties.

Attractions start at Santa’s office, follow the decoration, the suppers and also include a Christmas Suite, exclusively assembled for the period of Christmas light, the super party that takes over the city of Gramado at the end of the year.

Lobby decoration detail

Recognized as one of the most sophisticated and traditional hotels in Gramado, and awarded in 2018 as the most Christmas hotel in the city, the Mountain House it is perfect for the family and fraternal atmosphere of the year-end festivities.

Santa Claus Office


Santa Claus in his office

It is one of the highlights of Extraordinary Christmas House. It is there that children write letters with their requests and take pictures daily with the host.

Breakfast with Apothecaries


The Apothecary characters command the attractions

The breakfast includes a presentation of the Apothecaries, characters that help Santa Claus in his daily tasks. At Extraordinary Christmas House they are the ones who spread the Christmas spirit through music and storytelling.

Christmas Suite


Christmas suite detail

For those who want to have a complete Christmas immersion, christmas suite will be available to receive two adults and two children (up to 12 years old) – perfect for a family. Created exclusively for the period, this accommodation is unique in Gramado.

Christmas Cineminha and Breakfast with Noel

THE Extraordinary Christmas House this year will also have new attractions: the Christmas Tree, with the showing of Christmas films and distribution of gourmet popcorn, and the optional Christmas dream and Breakfast with Noel. These two schedules can be added to the accommodation at the time of booking.

For an amount of R $ 325.00 per child, Christmas dream includes a welcome letter from Santa Claus, a telephone call from Bom Velhinho at a scheduled time and a ticket to the Korvatunturi Show, which tells the story of the emergence of Santa Claus. When completing some tasks, such as donating a toy, the child receives the Santa Claus helper certificate with a special gift delivered by Bom Velhinho. The attraction is exclusive for guests.

The Breakfast with Noel it’s a magical moment. In a private room, 16 guests, including adults and children, will be able to chat and have fun with Santa Claus while tasting delights from the Casa da Montanha Hotel on a Christmas table. The value is R $ 75.00 for guests and R $ 140.00 for passersby. Interested in booking this experience should inquire with the reservations department about the available dates.

The magical atmosphere of Christmas (including the Natal Luz program) can already be experienced by anyone who will spend the November 15th holiday at Casa da Montanha Hotel.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve suppers


Supper table with Christmas decoration

Those who spend Christmas Eve at Casa da Montanha Hotel you will enjoy a beautiful supper and more party that includes the arrival of Santa Claus, gift delivery, children’s recreation and Christmas music show. On New Year’s Eve, in addition to the traditional dinner, the program includes a fireworks show.

The daily rates Casa da Montanha Hotel during the Christmas light cost from R $ 836 per double apartment, which includes breakfast with a wide variety of fruits, juices, cakes, breads – including gluten free – jams, cheeses and colonial sausages and a menu of freshly prepared eggs.

ServiceThe Extraordinary Christmas House

When: October 24, 2019 to January 11, 2020
How much: from R $ 836 per apartment, with breakfast
Where: Casa da Montanha Hotel (Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 3166, Gramado / RS)
More information: (54) 3295-7575 / [email protected]

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