Ice Floating : une activité venue tout droit de Finlande, totalement inédite en France et complètement givrée !

Stations of Haute Maurienne Vanoise (Savoie): Nordic and far North atmosphere


Focus on Bessans

A Nordic France labeled ski area

After opening its domain in preview to the French biathlon teams, Bessans welcomes the first skiers of the season on a 30 km track.
In total, 133 km of groomed slopes will be waiting for holidaymakers from December 19 around the international biathlon stadium (gradual opening depending on snow conditions). A benchmark among Nordic destinations, the village resort located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1,750 meters is part of a desire to develop multi-activity in the Far North version: 40 km of marked and secure Nordic trails for walking on snow, snowshoeing and fatbiking and a ice climbing initiation site complete the Nordic offer.
A track is also reserved for the practice of pulka / ski joëring.

A Nordic multi-activity area Redesigned this winter, the multi-activity area of ​​Bessans offers 2 new snowshoe routes and 5 pedestrian trails, now open to fatbikes.
New – Heritage routes in “free” snowshoes

Signposted but ungroomed, these green classified courses allow you to get off the beaten track in complete safety. The “Trace des Chapelles” takes hikers to discover some of the 54 churches, chapels and oratories of the village while the “Trace de l’Ecureuil” passes through Goulaz and Villaron, two traditional hamlets cut off from the world in winter.
PRACTICAL INFO NORDIC AREA: 20 slopes (6 green / 7 blue / 4 red / 3 black) Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Day prices: 10.8 € / adult and 4.50 € / child under 12

Focus on Aussois and Val Cenis

The Nordic Domain of Monolith in Aussois – Val Cenis Sardières

Open on December 19 (depending on snow conditions) The Nordic area of ​​Monolith stretches over 30 km of cross-country skiing and skating routes. Departing from the village of Sardières or from the plan de la croix on the Aussois side, the slopes for all levels run through clearings and forests. The plateau around the Nordic Chalet allows children and beginners to discover their first sensations of sliding. Do not miss: the Monolith, a 93m cargneule needle and listed site.
PRACTICAL INFORMATION: 7 slopes (2 green / 2 blue / 3 red / 1 variant through the forest) Daily prices: 8.5 € / adult; free children under 12 Sale at the Nordic Chalet in Sardières (04 79 05 99 06)

Focus on Val Cenis Bramans

Open on December 21 (depending on snow conditions) At an altitude of 1800 m, around 20 km of slopes await skiers in one of the wildest and most peaceful valleys of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, dotted with larches and fir trees… there even where General Hannibal and his troops would have passed in an attempt to conquer Rome. Free for all and free to access, this area suspended between France and Italy also offers snowshoe routes that allow you to enjoy the panorama of the Dent Parrachée and the Vanoise glaciers.
PRACTICAL INFORMATION: 4 slopes (1 green / 1 blue / 1 red / 1 black) Accessible by free shuttle from the village of Val Cenis Bramans.
Val Cenis Lanslevillard

Opening on December 19 On leaving Val Cenis in the direction of Bessans, the Chantelouve slopes allow you to enjoy a wild and unspoiled area of ​​the resort. Free.
PRACTICAL INFORMATION: 2 tracks (1 green / 1 blue)

Other activities :

Dog sled rides in Bessans and Aussois
CAPTURE FOR THE FROZEN LAKES of Val Cenis: Ice diving, ice fishing …
New – Ice floating

An activity straight from Finland, completely new in France and completely frosted! After donning one of the warm and comfortable drysuits, immerse yourself in crystal clear water of around 5 ° C, before laying down and floating with ease. Ideal for relaxing in a different way, admiring the alpine landscapes.
Sauna and Nordic baths between lake and forest after the session.