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When traveling we look for information about the points we want to visit, the places we would love to photograph or the food we want to try. The organization allows us to start enjoying that trip long before preparing the suitcase.

Another aspect, perhaps not so fun but very necessary, that you must take into account is the necessary documentation. If your destination is outside of Spain, it is important to check in advance what documents must be processed.

The Spanish passport is the most important document if you travel outside the European Union. Discover all the information about the Spanish passport requirements to travel abroad.

Main doubts and requirements of the Spanish passport

Before getting into the matter and knowing what the Requirements to process the Spanish passportlet’s know a little more about this document.

The Spanish passport is an official document, issued by the competent bodies of the Administration, which acts as valid personal identification both in Spain and in the rest of the countries of the world.

All Spaniards have the right to have it, except if there is a legal reason that indicates otherwise. If this is not the case, you will be free to choose where to travel with the passport of Spain.

This booklet is mandatory to travel outside the European Union, both to leave Spain and to enter. It must be in force before the start of the trip and until the end of the trip. Some countries require that the document remain valid between 3 and 6 months after the end of the trip.

How to get a Spanish passport for the first time

The passport is a personal identification document and therefore the request must be made physically by the interested person. The request for get the passport for the first time will be made by appointment official Webwhere you can choose the day, time and place to go to make the request.

It is convenient to request the appointment in time and check all the nearby points where the procedure can be carried out, especially if it is urgent. It may happen that the point closest to our home gives us an appointment 1 month away and that another one a little further away has spaces available before.

This is the necessary documentation:

  • Presentation of the valid National Identity Document for verification
  • Recent 32x26mm color photograph. The format must be the standard, with a white background, taken from the front where the face can be perfectly observed and without any complement that can hide relevant details that identify it. If the DNI is renewed on the same day, it will be enough to take a photograph for both documents
  • Pay the fee in cash with the exact amount or electronically from the prior appointment website. The Spanish passport price for the year 2022 it is €30. People who are part of a large family will not have to pay anything as long as they prove it by presenting the valid large family card or title.

Once the request is made, it will take about 3 weeks to be ready for us to pick it up. We can then approach without an appointment and pick it up by delivering the copy of the application receipt. If we cannot go personally, we must fill out an authorization for a third person to do it for us.

countries that ask for the spanish passport

How to renew the passport

The validity of the passport is 5 years for those under 30 years of age and 10 years for those over that age. For those under 5 years of age, it will be valid for 2 years.

For renew the spanish passport You must request an appointment as in the first application and present the same documentation. If at the time of renewing the passport there is another valid one, it must be submitted when we go to the appointment so that it can be invalidated.

The amount of the fee to be paid is the same as if it is requested for the first time: €30 for 2022. Payment can be made in cash with the exact amount or by electronic means as indicated in the previous point.

How to get a passport for a minor

In the case of a minor, the request must be accompanied by the express consent of their legal guardians, who must grant it personally at the place of issuance of the passport or any other dependency of the National Police, before a Notary or before the Court.

In addition to what is mentioned above for the passport application, if the minor does not have a DNI, they must bring a literal birth certificate that they can request at the Civil Registry less than 6 months in advance.

pet passport

If you are going to travel with our pet, it must also be duly identified with a passport. For the document to be valid, it must indicate the chip or tattoo number that corresponds to the one on the animal.

The issuance of the passport for our pet will be done by the veterinarian. This booklet will collect identification data, vaccinations and any treatment that has been applied and may be relevant when traveling.

We recommend you check before traveling what the country’s requirements are!

spanish passport

What to do if the passport has been lost?

In case of loss or theft of the passport, a report must be filed and notified at the time of applying for a new one. The validity date of the duplicate document will coincide with that of the previous document. If it happens again, the validity of the following duplicates could drop to 6 months, although exceptionally more time can be requested if the country where you plan to travel requires it.

What countries request the passport to the Spaniards?

The list of countries that ask for a spanish passport is long. There are more than 154 countries that will consider this document valid to enter and leave your country, without requesting any other document.

Here you can see the list.

When is the passport needed and when the visa?

For some countries, the Spanish passport is not sufficient documentation to travel and they may require a special authorization called a visa, as in the case, among others, of the United States, Cuba, China or India.

The visa or visa is processed by the embassies or consulates of the country of destination, although there are companies that offer their services to carry out this management. They request authorization to enter, stay or reside in that country for a certain time.

The visa can go inside the passport or separately on a card that includes a photograph and visa number. You have to request it in time as it is a process that can take several weeks.

The price of the visa and its duration vary for each country, as well as the documentation requirements.

As we have seen, having the documentation in order to travel to other countries is not complicated. Once we are clear about Spanish passport requirements We only have to process it on time so as not to be surprised. We are ready to enjoy the trip.

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