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Direction the southern Sri Lanka for a family trip in December to enjoy the Christmas holidays in this country. A trip to enjoy tourist Sri Lanka with the beautiful southern beaches, easy safaris from Udawalawe, and beautiful towns in the south of the island of Ceylon with the kids

Travel location: Southern Sri Lanka with family

Can you introduce yourself, give us the ages of your children during this family trip and the year of the trip to Sri Lanka and its duration?

We left in family trip to Sri Lanka in December 2018 with 2 children: one of 2 and a half years and the other of 7 years

Mirissa Beach

How did you prepare for this trip with your children?

The preparation was done simply: Reservation of our hotels then reservation of a driver.All directly by internet

What was your itinerary for this family trip to Sri Lanka?

We arrived in the evening so we had booked a hotel not far from the airport in Negombo

Visit Galle and stay in a great hotel

Then we are gone to Galle to a more secluded but fantastic hotel: no hotel room but a small villa for families: the good vibes villa in Unawatuna.

Safari and camping in Udawalawe National Park

Then we left to visit a Celle uda walawe nature reserve (in which we were sure to see elephants) and we saw beautiful landscapes, elephants, monkeys, buffaloes, crocodiles and lots of birds.We have slept in a tent right next to the reserve it was adventure but we enjoyed hearing all the sounds of nature at night.

Travel and Children Info: the Uda Walawe National Park is known for the many elephants that roam it. It is a park that will make you think of the African savannah, over more than 30 hectares. Located in the south of the country, between the coast and the mountains of the tea plantations. It is an easy park to visit in safari with young children. Given its ease of access, it is also a very busy park!

Relaxation and swimming in Mirissa

Then we left towards Mirissa to enjoy the beach.

Watch out for Sri Lanka, there are several types of beaches and on some it is impossible to swim, the ocean is too violent.We continued to go up to Begombo via the coast

Bentota: beach and turtle

We stopped in Bentota where we got to see turtles. We stopped in a nursery managed by an NGO, there is everything to see the turtles we tried to choose the most respectful of nature.There we were able to take advantage of the beach.

A little bit along the way on the coast it is possible to stop to enjoy the magnificent beaches with turquoise waters.

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What means of transport did you use?

We used a car with a driver. With two children it was essential for us to have a good means of transport

And how is the food for the children? Is it suited to their taste? Do you have any good places to eat?

For the food, everything is always freshs and cooked to the minute so no worries for the children we have always asked that it be adapted to their palate and the Sri Lankans understand this very well and are very kind

What climate did you have during your trip to Sri Lanka?

We we have left end December. We have had a rainy afternoon over our 10 days.

Family trip to Sri Lanka for 15 days

What to pack for a family trip to Sri Lanka?

Light clothing for the day and long sleeves and pants for the evening (because of mosquitoes)Provide pareos to hide your legs during temple visitsIn hotels you can manage the air conditioning so it is quite convenient with childrenWe had taken long pajamas and short pajamas to be calmWe put in sneakers and thong shoesAnd still had 1sweater that was used on the plane..

Did you use travel accessories or special equipment for the youngest? (stroller, carrying backpack, others …)

We have only used our baby carrierWe find water easily everywhere so don’t worry

How did you organize the days with your children?

Our days were rhythmic like at homeMorning activity city or beach visit (quieter in the morning) lunch at our hotels, nap, then a new activity in the afternoon (swimming pool or exploring the places around the hotel)In the evening the sun went down at 6 p.m. so like at home after the pool or the beach we had a bath, shower and reading before having dinnerAfter these busy days the children were in bed around 8 p.m. 8:30 p.m.

What is your best memory of this family trip to Sri Lanka?

We saw so many different things that everything was good.But maybe the magic of seeing elephants at your fingertips.

Which sites do you recommend to see or which activities must be done with the children?

Visit a temple is really calming and pleased the children very muchVisit one of the many natural reservesAnd enjoy the beach for a little rest

What did you dislike (visit, way of traveling, atmosphere, etc.) and that it is better to avoid?

The night in a tent is to be avoided if you are not a little adventurous.

What precautions did you take to visit Sri Lanka with children (safety, health, sun protection, what did you put in the first aid kit)?

We had taken a ton of medicines for gastro but we didn’t need it. It is especially necessary doliprane, arnica and mosquito repellent and soothing cream after mosquito bitesOn the other hand, we supervised our children permanently so that they do not touch anything and very rigorous hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel, and no sick results.

Sunscreen cap glasses, Nail clipperWe also had provided all layers but you can find pampers on site


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Do you have any tips for fellow travelers on family travel to Sri Lanka? (clothes, travel tips etc…).

We had took cakes and pompotes, just to always have a base in case of cravings and a bit long roadThe car journeys are long despite the short distances, An average of 60kmThey have one highway on which they drive at 90Take this into account for your itineraries!

And for meals with children, avoid eating in the street, always eat in your hotel

How did you occupy the children during the trips? What kind of toy did they take for this trip?

During the journeys by car the landscape is enough to occupy the children.We had taken for 2 and a half years book, sketchbook, a doll and a little pony.For 7 years a review game to work while playing, a notebook for drawing a book and a game of 7 families

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What average budget per day did you spend during this stay in Sri Lanka?

We arrived at 300 / 350euros per day counting hotel driver meal and visit (excluding theft)We had each time a hotel with a swimming pool.

Thanks to Natalia for her participation.

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