Jérôme Laffon et Alain Krakovitch lors de la traditionnelle conférence de presse SNCF à l

SNCF: “We are on the rise in business travel”


Optimism is de rigueur on the side of the SNCF. The pro segment regains color. ” We still have some good news ” spear Alain Krakovitch SNCF Travel Director at a press conference organized as part of the IFTM Top Resa. “ 60% of travelers with a pro rate travel again compared to 2019 and even 75% if we take very small and medium-sized businesses. We are on a ramp up. “” We have weak signals that fuel this optimism: on Thalys and Lyria the Business Premiere is full, the Eurostar is growing in our markets and major accounts tell us that they intend to resume their trip He continues.

Only 10% of business trips could be questioned

Other lights are also starting to tend towards green again: “ The restrictions put in place by corporate clients are lifted. 46% of companies no longer place any travel restrictions on their employees. And almost a third limit them.
The instruction to favor videoconferences instead of travel is no longer the rule. Only 5% of companies continue to impose video against 19% at the start of the year.
»Adds Alain Krakovitch.
Read also: Business trips: “People are fed up with visio!” As a result, SNCF believes that only 10% of business trips made by train could be called into question, instead of 20% before the summer.

What makes say to the railway company that 2019 levels could be reached within two or three by 2023 or 2024.

“A better summer than expected in 2021”

The new products launched by the company have also found their following. Like the 700,000 Advantage cards sold since June, 85% of which are to first-time buyers and the 3,500 teleworking packages subscribed since September. ” Among these travelers, 1,700 have switched from the classic offer to the teleworking package »Explains Jérôme Laffon, SNCF Travel Marketing Director.
Read also: SNCF will launch Ouigo trains at “classic” speed This positive trend follows a summer of 2021 ” better than expected »In the leisure segment. The SNCF posted a 12% growth in turnover compared to 2020, and down 8% compared to 2019. A total of 22 million passengers preferred the train over the two summer months, for a rate 80% infill. In September, SNCF announced that it had achieved 90% of 2019 turnover.

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