La compagnie ferroviaire a décidé d

SNCF reduces the speed of TGV and international traffic


Due to the implementation of new braking measures in several departments, SNCF is adapting its transport offer. The regions of Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France, as well as the Alpes-Maritimes, Seine-Maritime, and Eure are confined. In these territories, inter-regional travel is prohibited except for compelling or professional reasons.
Since these announcements, on March 18, SNCF Voyageurs has observed a level of reservations in long-distance trains for the month of April at this stage down 65% compared to what was observed in 2019 at the same period.
Consequently, the railway company decided to adjust the TGV transport plan (TGV INOUI, OUIGO).
Also, as of Monday March 29:
– On the South-East axis, the offer is unchanged at 6 TGV out of 10 during the week, with a reinforcement on weekends and school holidays.
– On the Atlantic axis, the offer will be 5 to 6 TGV out of 10 during the week, with a reinforcement on weekends and school holidays.
– On the North axis, where all the departments served are subject to new health measures, the offer will be 3 TGV out of 10, with special reinforcement on Paris-Lille (4 TGV out of 10), and all the Hauts-de-France towns served by at least 2 return trips / day with Paris.
– On the east axis, the offer will be 4 to 5 TGV out of 10, with a reinforcement on weekends and school holidays.
On OUIGO, the offer will be 4 TGVs out of 10.

“This is an average per axis, and the offer is adapted on a case-by-case basis for each destination” specifies the SNCF which “ensures that the TGVs maintained are the most suitable in terms of schedules”.

Regarding the Intercités, the transport plan will be unchanged for daytime traffic, up to 6 Intercités out of 10. On the other hand, the night Intercités train Paris-Toulouse will be suspended (the line remaining served by Intercités de jour as well as TGV INOUI and OUIGO), and the Paris-Briançon night Intercités train will continue to operate during the week.

Regarding international TGVs, the offer also continues to be adapted:
– Eurostar: 1 return trip / day London-Paris and 1 return trip / day London-Lille-Brussels-Amsterdam
– Thalys: 4 Paris-Brussels round trips / day, including 1 Paris-Amsterdam round trip and 1 Paris-Dortmund round trip
– Switzerland (Lyria): 6 round trips / day
– Germany (Alleo): 8 return trips / day
– Italy (SVI): 2 round trips / day
– Spain (Elipsos): 2 round trips / day
All tickets are exchangeable and refundable free of charge until the last moment (1h30 before departure for OUIGO) for travel by TGV INOUI, OUIGO, INTERCITÉS and international TGV (TGV INOUI Italy, TGV Lyria, Renfe & SNCF in Cooperation, DB & SNCF en Coopération), for journeys made until April 18, 2021 inclusive.
Eurostar: free exchange until D-7, as many times as desired. Thalys: all tickets are exchangeable until August 31, free of charge.

Transilien, TER

Finally, concerning Transilien and TER traffic, the company specifies that it is working with each region in terms of transport.
As of Monday, March 29, the TER offer in Hauts-de-France, where all the departments are subject to reinforced health measures, will be 72% of the usual transport plan, and 83% of TERGVs will be maintained so as to ensure a return trip home to work during the week.
In the other regions, the transport plan is unchanged, some regions having already implemented an adapted offer (Normandy, Grand Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)