La SNCF a annoncé la fin de la vente de bouteilles en plastique à bord des bars TGV Inoui et Intercités - Photo Auteur tezzstock

SNCF puts an end to plastic bottles on board trains


SNCF has revised the menu for meals on board TGV Inoui and Intercity trains to make it more “eco-responsible”. Thus the railway company announces the end of the sale of plastic bottles. Still water is the second annual sale of the Bar after coffee, specifies the SNCF with 2 million bottles sold per year. It will thus be replaced “by” L’Eau Neuve “, with 100% eco-responsible, bio-sourced, recycled and recyclable packaging”. Sparkling water will be sold in a can. SNCF will also set up “innovative logistics schemes to promote recycling of station fees and reduce food waste“. This development, she explains, allows “to optimize the use-by date of fresh products, to increase productivity and reduce deliveries”.

Finally, it intends to gradually deploy selective sorting of waste on board.

Touch-sensitive kiosks by 2023 to place orders

On the map too, the SNCF is renewing itself. The company wishes to promote French products more. For example, the iconic croque-monsieur has been completely reworked with pork ham without nitrite salt, emmental with French milk, a bread made from French wheat flour. Another novelty: a low-cost menu (“L’Express”), consisting of a sandwich and a bottle of water, is appearing on the menu. Travelers will also be able to find recipes signed by Alexia Duchêne and Nina Métayer. Other novelties will soon appear on board TGVs. Baristas will be given a colorful new outfit. A self-service coffee machine will then complete the Bar TGV’s offer. Finally, touch screens will be installed at various TGV locations between now and 2023 to order and pay directly.
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