Six airlines, Armenian, banned from flying to Europe

Six airlines, Armenian, banned from flying to Europe

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It is not easy, but Armenia has failed to: all, the six airlines that fly into the country, six have been classified as dangerous for the security, and therefore banned to fly in Europe, according to the EASA.

Armenia Airways, Armenian Helicopters, Atlantis Armenian Airlines, Atlantis European Airlines, Mars Avia and Skyball, the six companies-based in Yerevan, the capital of armenia, are unable to fly on the space air european, after the upgrade of the listing of security that was made public this Tuesday.

Europe had held interviews both with the authority air armenia as the six companies, coming to this conclusion.

The commissioner of Transport, Adina Valean said that “the European Air Safety List should be used as a tool that the airlines and the countries that are in it use it to improve their standards of flights. The decision to include all of the companies Armenian community has been unanimous on the part of the Air Safety Committee. The Commission and the EASA we are ready to help Armenia to improve its security.”

From this Tuesday, 96 airlines around the world are forbidden to fly over Europe.

The Armenian Government has stated that the blame is the previous director of the Armenian airline safety, which was dedicated to illegal activities in Africa, especially traffic in arms.

A few weeks ago, Armenia and said that he would incorporate independent experts to improve their systems of work.