Sink average rate hotels CDMX 67% and Cancun 36%

Sink average rate hotels CDMX 67% and Cancun 36%

International tourism

The hotels of Mexico City sank his average rate for 2020 a 67.6 percent of average, according to several official reports, while the Merida dropped their prices a 38.5 percent, and Cancun with a 36.1 percent.

Discounts average fare in Guadalajara were the last year of 34.8 per cent, while in Puerto Vallarta, the decreases in hotel prices were in the 26.7 percent, according to information from agencies such as Sectur, Datatur, or Kayak. In Puerto Vallarta in November, the arrival of tourists was 28.8 percent lower than the registered in 2019.

Los Cabos, on his side close the end of the year with an influx of 40 per cent lower than the registered last year, but with a level of occupation high, taking into account the sanitary restrictions, as the destination has recovered the air connectivity from major american cities (Leading hotels of Cancun are calling for a general lowering of tariffs).

The total recovery of income of international tourists to the country might not occur until 2023, when it will stabilize arrivals, and Mexico receives close to 45 million foreign visitors, according to various analyses made by the National Council of the Tourism industry (CNET) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that reveals The Financial.