Schon bald sind Expeditionen zum Wrack der Titanic möglich

Several expeditions planned: From 2021 you can visit the Titanic wreck


The company OceanGate is planning six manned expeditions to the Titanic for the summer of 2021, in which non-researchers can also participate. The so-called “Titanic Survey Expeditions “ should take place between the end of May and mid-July, last ten days and start from Newfoundland. Further expeditions to the iconic shipwreck are planned for the following year. They were originally supposed to start in summer 2019.

Requirements for the missions to the Titanic

In order to be part of these expeditions, interested parties must meet the following requirements:

– at least 18 years old (at the beginning of the expedition)
– in possession of a valid passport
– be able to live on a diver support ship for a week
– be able to board small inflatable boats in rough seas
– feel comfortable in dynamic environments where (time) plans can change at any time
– be able to demonstrate balance and flexibility (for example by climbing a ladder and carrying around ten kilograms)

Anyone who is interested can here find out more and apply directly to become a “mission specialist”. Those interested can currently apply for diving in the years 2021 and 2022. And if you like, you can bring a guest, who is not allowed to dive in.

What are the expeditions to the Titanic wreck like?

The trips take a total of ten days. In addition to the dive, necessary training courses are completed during these days to prepare the participants for the conditions above and below water.

The dive itself lasts between six and eight hours. A pilot, three mission specialists (you, if you like) and a Titanic expert dive with mini-submarines down to the shipwreck – the Titanic is about 3.8 kilometers deep. Thanks to glazed walls and some external cameras, the occupants should be offered a unique view of the sunken ship and the diverse marine world during the dive.

During the dive, the submarine glides over the deck of the iconic shipwreck. The interior is lit so that divers can see the remains of the grand staircase. You will also explore the remains of the iconic bridge and see a large field of artifacts from the former luxury ship, which has remained virtually undisturbed for more than a century.

How much does an expedition to the Titanic cost?

Private Titanic divers have to dig deep into their pockets for tickets. The price per person is a whopping 125,000 US dollars (the equivalent of 107,029 euros). The guest of the mission specialist pays half.

The mission specialist price not only includes a dive to the RMS Titanic, but also accommodation at the stations on the open sea, food and training for the mission. In addition, you get the necessary equipment and can take part in events with scientists and experts. The guest is also allowed to participate in everything, with the exception of the dive.

If you still need a little incentive to decide on the one-time dive: So far, fewer than 200 people are said to have visited the Titanic on the ocean floor. For comparison: There were already more people in space.