Le Congrès Selectour a débuté ce vendredi 3 décembre 2021 - DR

Selectour: the little phrases of the Congress … (live)


It is not a mirage, but not far. The Selectour congress is going well in Hammameth in Tunisia. A few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, nearly 500 tourism professionals gathered. initially they must have been 540, they are ultimately only 467 to have made the trip, due to the consequences of the 5th wave of the coronavirus and the Omicron variant. Discover live, the good sentences of the inaugural speech of Laurent Abitbol, ​​the Chairman of the Management Board of Selectour.

Selectour: “we represent 50% of the trip to France”

The crisis had consequences for the Selectour travel agency network. “Today we have 1,100 branches. But we lost 54 agencies during the crisis. We represent 50% of the trip to France with Havas and the GIE ASHA. Selectour is 6.437 billion euros of business volume in 2019. We have an enormous purchasing power with tour operators,“introduces a Laurent Abtibol, happy to open a congress which takes place in a general chaotic atmosphere for travel agencies.

Selectour “members will receive a list of companies authorized for sale”

And if the tour operators have to check out the airlines too. “Next week Selectour members will receive a list of companies authorized for sale and a list of companies to boycott.“Laurent Abitbol is very upset against companies that do not play the game. That is not all, the boss of Selectour wants a return of the commission for travel agents!”Selectour is restarting Wonder Booking. It’s a new start, with the aim of increasingly integrating the notion of margin. Travel agents must become more salesmen than technicians, but above all better sell companies,“recalls Jean-Noël Lefeuvre, Managing Director of Selectour.

“We have a real problem all together of personnel” according to Valéry Muggeo

There are many challenges for the profession, with recruitment at the top of the list. “We all have a real staff problem. This is why we created our own school. In November, we launched recruitment operations in Lyon, Nantes and Paris, with professionalizing paths. We already have about 40 people. We will launch a new recruitment campaign in April,“explained Valéry Muggeo, president of the Selectour Cooperative. And the Tunisian tourism minister to speak.”I would like to say that tourism has increased by 20% in Tunisia compared to 2020, with a target of 300,000 tourists. France is the country’s 1st market despite the crisis and also its 1st economic partner. Today this industry represents 14% of the GDP, 400,000 jobs which occupy 11% of the working population,“unveiled Mohamed Moez Belhassine.

Jean-François Rial: “we will have to choose between no longer taking the plane or compensating”

The day followed a debate on CSR. “I regret that a Group like Selectour does not integrate this notion which could be a real opportunity for the Network. But I do not despair of seeing him integrate CSR,“explains Jean-Pierre Nadir, the founder of Fairmoove. For the creator of Voyageurs du Monde, it is not only a problem of social responsibility that tourism companies have to face.”Tourism has a serious problem: we do not know how to decarbonise the plane or reduce in the medium term. You can’t reduce, so you have to plant trees. He has no other solution than to absorb carbon, otherwise he will have to choose between no longer taking the plane or compensating,“Jean-François Rial analysis.