Sectur complaint with the Prosecutor General of the Republic, damage to the tourist image of Mexico

Sectur complaint with the Prosecutor General of the Republic, damage to the tourist image of Mexico

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The secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, said that the reliance charge has been lodged with the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic, a complaint against whom, or those who are responsible for alleged unlawful acts and damages associated with the tourist image of Mexico.

During a virtual press conference, the owner of Sectur, explained that Visit Mexico was the official portal for the promotion of the Council of Tourist Promotion of Mexico (CPTM), which maintained an operating cost of six million pesos per year, which at one time maintained alliances with private companies such as BestDay, who operated his motor vehicle.

Torruco noted that by reason of the dissolution and liquidation of the CPTM, the portal is relying on the ministry of Tourism to continue to offer the digital services of promotion of tourism, and therefore for their continuity and operation, was held a convention of cooperation with the company Braintivity SA de C. V., presided over by Marcos Achar, which was no issue whatsoever on the part of the public purse.

He explained that this strategy raised the administration, operation and use of the website VisitMexico, as well as their micro sites known as domains, with what was estimated for the execution of work to construct a whole digital strategy to give a greater scope, level and dimension to the actions of information, promotion and digitization of the tourist offer of Mexico.

The scope and dimension, achieved through agreements and sponsorships with various companies and organizations for the reformulation of the new portal, as the Migrant, New York Yankees, Discovery Network, Concanaco, MasterCard, Ford Motor Company, Google and Aeromexico, among others, makes the project of the new portal is to become a program heavily attractive.

The secretary-Torruco Marqués said that, in this context, the July 24, 2020, appeared on the site a legend that said: “Suspension for non-payment”, which caused that the page was destroyed “and is from our knowledge that it was caused by a third party called, SA of C. V., who allegedly maintained a business relationship with the company Braintivity”.

For this reason, the secretary said, the ministry of Tourism, in the use of their powers, required to Braintivity, through the office of the 24 of July, a report urgently and in detail, of the situation that kept the portal, and sent a letter to Network Solutions, and Group, Inc., companies register such domains, requesting the delivery of the same.

She noted that the company Tecnocen sent, through the portal, a public letter addressed to the Presidency of the Republic, offering to return the domains, so that instructed the Tourism department to receive them, an act that took place on the 30th of July, with the participation of staff of the Secretariat of Tourism and the Coordination of the Digital Strategy of the Presidency of the Republic. “The domains were subject to its review.”

He added that, of the review undertaken so far, it has been found that, in terms of the delivery of the domains, did the reception of the account linked to, but the domain is blocked in your access due to their transfer, given that, S. A. de C. V., paid to his name, renewal of your domains to Network Solutions for the year 2020, having in consequence of the absolute control. Therefore, it is requested, through the office of 7 August, the re-routing of the web page to, the breach of what was agreed in the act of delivery, as though delivered and blocked the domains, they are left with the control. This allowed them to place, after the legend of the “Lack of payment” information is not authorized by Braintivity.

Due to the above mentioned, the secretary, was detected this past weekend that the portal presented inconsistencies in the information and in the translation in the English language, which led to the names of states are translated literally, so the ministry of Tourism is not responsible of the translations are absurd and incongruous that in English appeared in the portal VisitMexico, and expresses its most energetic rejection against those who intentionally and tendenciosamente rose information to ridicule and damage the tourist image of Mexico, therefore the complaint to the Prosecutor’s office against who or whom are responsible for alleged unlawful acts and damages associated with the tourist image of Mexico.

On the other hand Torruco Marqués said that the not recommended to the leader of Tecnocen Sergio Loredo Foyo, to participate in the development of Visit Mexico, “I would not recommend, I channelled, and depending on your assessment, see if you can add.” In fact he said that the process to assign the page to Braintivity corresponded to an alliance of a strategic nature, provided for in a convention of consultation, indicating that they could the Secretariat to establish agreements or alliances on the basis of a series of features that had Braintivity of a monitoring project, which was presented and corresponded to the full scope and needs of the secretariat to continue to operate not only a portal but a comprehensive strategy as it was noted where the level and elements of expansion that the tourist promotion required. He warned that there was a tender process under which there was no public resource for this project was an alliance of a strategic nature.

He assured that despite the problems that have arisen will not take the contract to Braintivity, on the contrary they are waiting for the great launch for the 20 of August of the new stage of digitalization of the tourist promotion of Mexico, through the new platform Visit Mexico.

He said that the company Tecnocen has been able to manipulate and make changes for the access we were given to Sergio Loredo Foyo, through Braintivity, a company that worked for the project, through a commercial agreement, who has made several changes without approval or Sectur or Brantivity.

Torruco Marqués said that they are now in a government where they ask for transparency, so this will go until the last consequences, and will depend on the prosecutor’s office that corresponds to another power that does not correspond to the federal executive, for this reason in the matter since legal of the progress of this complaint, they will reserve the information until the attorney’s office to know the results so that you do not fall into unlawful acts.

Finally he explained that it took out to give the face, after almost two weeks since it all began and what we know in, because I just gathered all the items, “we didn’t want to go out to know something without having step-by-step all the items that you had, to give this press conference in the form accurate and above all, making a chronology of the facts,” he concluded. (The tragicomedy of weekend call VisitMexico)