Scara dénonce le paiement des 550M€ de frais de sureté par les compagnies

Scara denounces the payment of € 550m in security fees by companies


The Scara is once again stepping up to the plate.
The Syndicate of Autonomous Airlines denounces “a double penalty for airlines “. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced on March 26 during the annual meeting for the presentation of the economic report of the airport safety / security function that the deficit related to these expenses at the airport, for a total of 550 million euros. will have to be paid by the airlines over 6 years from 2024.
This amount will be increased by interest and management fees claimed by the State, adds the Scara.

“This sum corresponds to the deficit in 2020 and 2021 of the airport tax, a tax linked to passenger traffic which has fallen by more than 70% because of the health crisis. It is therefore a question of making the airlines, already strongly affected by the crisis, pay for a safety / security service on flights not carried out.

As a reminder, safety / security is a sovereign function, which should be taken over by the State. “ specifies the union which considers that this decision contradicts the doctrine of “ whatever the cost “Displayed by the State which becomes” whatever the cost to airlines “.
Bonus: airlines were also informed at the March 26 meeting, the decision to increase this same 5% security tax for 2021 at certain airports.