Le voilà tout beau, tout chaud le programme (pas encore définitif, mais presque) du JVFOM /crédit DepositPhoto

Salon Digital #JeVendsLaFrance & l’Outre-mer – There is still time to register!


Haven’t you had time yet? So, hurry up!
You only have a few hours left to register for the 1st Digital Show #JeVendsLaFrance & l’Outremer, launched by the TourMaG.com Group in partnership with MyEventStory, its event subsidiary.
You are already nearly 2000 registered to have made an appointment with the 110 receptionists of 11 French regions who will put the small dishes in the big ones to present you the finest attire.
It is an unprecedented gathering of the French receptive offer, combining products but also training and meetings.

Meetings, training, information, this will be the winning triptych of this event, a real opportunity for Distribution to learn more about and learn about the extraordinary variety of the French product.
80 Conferences and Webinars await you to better learn how to sell France!

To register for events (CLICK HERE ) if your account is not yet active.
If your account is already activated, simply (CLICK HERE ) and register for webinars and conferences that interest you.

SALON #I Sell France and Overseas – Information

Fabien Da Luz

General Manager TourMaG
[email protected]
+33 6 43 65 15 92