Safe experiences of deflation: until the vaccine arrives, this is the agenda of VnV

Safe experiences of deflation: until the vaccine arrives, this is the agenda of VnV

International tourism

Breakfast on the balcony of the Pousada Sereia room, in Boipeba

September marks a new moment in the agenda of Viaje na Viagem. From now on, we want to help you find safe experiences of deflation, for when you leave your quarantine.

To understand how we got here, let’s remember all our movements since the beginning of the quarantine. Follow Bóia’s timeline in the pandemic:

March 20

We have suspended our publications on social networks. It made no sense to speak of travel at a time when much of Brazil was in isolation.

April 2nd

We started the series #TravelPills, with old texts by Ricardo Freire. If we couldn’t plan trips in the near future, at least we could travel in inspiring memories.

June 8th

With the end of the quarantine in Europe and the reopening (in some cases, precipitous) of the first destinations in Brazil, we started to analyze the travel news hunt clicks (# TravelingOnTheNews) and making inquiries about the world of post-pandemic travel (#ThinkingTravel).

June 22

We identify the 5 post-pandemic traveler profiles: the Abstinents, the Worried, the Fugitives, the Suspected and the Tô-Nem-Aíners. Which one of them is you?

July 12th

We launched the Coronavirus 100 Destinations Panel, to monitor the evolution of the pandemic in 100 Brazilian tourist destinations, based on data collected from June 1st. The panel has since been updated every Tuesday.

July 16

We invite you to participate in the “How are we going to travel again” survey to understand how the pandemic had affected VnV public travel and travel plans.

August 5

Post-pandemic traveler profiles

Illustration: Daniel Kondo

We reveal the search result. Our public is composed of 26% Abstinents, 46% Ressabied, 7% Fugitives, 19% Suspected and 1.6% Tô-Nem-Aíners.

August 19th

We published the Resumption Panel, an unfolding of the section “What is open in destinations” that existed in the # PainelCoronavirus100Destinos. We started to monitor the resumption in the 100 destinations monitored by the panel, with updates at all times.


From now on, Viaje na Viagem wants to be your guide to what we call safe experiences of deflation. No rush. In your time. After all, the world will not move.

When the time comes for you to leave your quarantine, you know that you will find in Viaje na Viagem all the information you need to do for responsible travel. Count on us, as always.