Ryanair rejects the nationalization of Alitalia and appeals to the EU


This has been advanced by the CEO of Ryanair, Eddie Wilson, in statements to the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, while noting that Alitalia should compete on equal terms with other companies in the sector.

Wilson accused the Giuseppe Conte government of wanting to raise the 3,000 million that will help Alitalia avoid bankruptcy at the expense of the rest of the competitors and predicted that Italy could bet on “an increase in boarding fees that would end up increasing the cost of tickets “from the rest of the airlines.

“We have no problems with Alitalia, but it is a black hole that has already swallowed 12,000 million euros and that must compete honestly,” stressed the CEO.

Ryanair appeals the nationalization to consider that it will harm him. Photo: apex.aero.

“It has such high operating costs that they could not compete with our rates. Alitalia has the wrong planes, routes and business model. We will certainly appeal to the European Union,” he settled.

The Italian government announced in March that it will nationalize Alitalia and inject at least 3 billion euros, after no private investor has been interested in buying its entire business in the past three years.

Without benefits since 2002, Alitalia was placed in the hands of the Italian State in May 2017 and its bankruptcy administration has tried to sell it without success.

In this time, it has received two state loans of 900 million and 400 million to guarantee its operation.

The Government’s intention was to promote the new public Alitalia as early as June, but it continues to design its strategic plan to avoid its liquidation.