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Want a road trip in southern Poland with the family? Here is a region that I did not know! Thanks to this testimony from Dan, traveling daddy, I discovered that this Polish region is a mountainous sector of the famous Carpathians! Very nice mountain landscapes, many activities and pretty towns like Worclaw, less known than Krakow.

Location of the family trip: Southern Poland

South Poland road trip with the family

Can you introduce yourself, give us the ages of your children during this family trip and the year of the trip to Poland and its duration?

Hello, this is Dan from Rennes, married to Sasi and I have two daughters Keiwaline 9 years old and Eleonora 6 years old. We left 15 days in Poland crossing Germany in July 2019, a favorite destination! we have adored !

How did you prepare for this trip with your children?

Using the internet and travel guides

What means of transport did you use?

Our car, the roads are perfect, thank you the European Union!

Where did you sleep in Poland? Do not hesitate to share your good addresses with us?

In Hotels. Especially Novotels. Ideal for families and then other addresses in the mountains where the prices are really unbeatable

And how is the food for the children? Is it suited to their taste? Do you have good places to eat?

Polish cuisine is perfect for children! Especially the “pieroggi” kind of ravioli, otherwise the restaurants are really not expensive!

What was the climate like during your trip to Poland? What kind of clothes should I bring for this trip?

In town very hot! Central Europe is very, very hot in the summer. When in the mountains, ideal during the day with temperatures of 25 ° c and in the evening, very cool! Provide a small sweater!

What visits to plan in southern Poland with the family?

Hiking in the Polish Carpathian Mountains

Travel and Children Info: The Carpathians are this mountain range in an arc that starts in southern Poland and northern Slovakia and descends to the famous Romanian Carpathians via Ukraine! Composed of several massifs, the Tatras, the Pieniny and the Bieszczady, the Polish Carpathian Mountains are the paradise of nature and hiking.

The ” Polish Carpathians Are definitely exotic! In the Karpacz, many hikes to occupy the days. A unusual Viking style church given as a gift by Norway!

AT Stronie Slaskie, nature and mountain games (ski lift, pickings, toboggans, etc.) are magnificent. Surely the most beautiful natural place that we have visited!

Zakopane it’s beautiful but super crowded with tourists! Surprisingly, a large clientele from the Middle East stays there. We still climbed the summit! less than 2000 meters!

Travel and Children Info : Zakopane is located in the Tatra Mountains, whose most famous peak is the Rysy. Other activity ideas here

Discover the cultural capital: Krakow with the family

Magnificent Polish towns with their famous “Rynek” central square,

Walk in its old town and walk on the “Vistula” and discovery of his Wawel castle and its famous “dragon Smok”, emblem of the city.

Travel and Children Info: The old town of Krakow owes its undeniable charm to the fact that it was once the seat of the kings of Poland. Its architecture keeps precious memories! The legend of the wawel dragon locates its lair in the mountain which supports the castle!

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Wroclaw with the family: Polish Venice

Wroclaw is a superb beautiful city! It is quieter than Krakow and just as beautiful!

Travel and Children Info: the city of Wroclaw in Lower Silesia owes its nickname of Polish Venice to its 12 islands and its many bridges!

How did you organize your family vacation in Poland?

Basically, we alternated old stone and hiking!

Our favorite for the Polish Carpathians: the prices are unbeatable and very few crowds except in Zakopane.

We have been to places where the clientele is exclusively Polish. Everything is accessible by car and the condition of the roads and infrastructure is excellent!

As for the Poles, we found them to be very honest, no tourist rates, few people spoke English in the places we visited, so it was great fun to use Polish with the “do widzenia” children!

What is your best memory of this family trip to Poland?

mountain walks, the magnificent Carpathians! small mountain walks the children loved! away from the crowds!

Which sites do you recommend to see or which activities must be done with the children?

We visited Krakow, with the story of the dragon “Smok” present everywhere in the city which pleased the children a lot.

In Wroclaw, this big city, the presence of hundreds of “garden gnomes” in bronze all over ; excellent for the imagination of children!

In the Carpathians, walks and mountain games, short hikes, calm etc … and cooking

What did you dislike (visit, way of travel, atmosphere …) and that it is better to avoid?

Poland is still far from being a popular tourist destination other than Krakow. Where we were, tourism is geared exclusively to Poles so English or English directions are to be forgotten! However, that’s what made the trip so charming!

Do you have any tips for fellow travelers on family travel to Poland?

Take his time.

How did you occupy the children during the trips? What kind of toy did they take for this trip?

By a Multitude of coloring and comics

What average budget per day did you spend during this stay in Poland?

150 to 200 euros per day Hotel included. The main expense was Housing.

Please tell us about your family itinerary on this road trip to southern Poland.

  • We left Rennes making stops every 5 hours around
  • Rennes-Dijon
  • Dijon- Stuttgart
  • Stuttgart -Nuremberg: 0 Nuremberg, big crush and nice surprise for the old town as well as the castle and walk along the canals,
  • Nuremberg-Karpacz
  • Karpacz- Stronie Slaskie
  • Stronie Slaskie – Krakow
  • Krakow – Zakopane
  • Zakopane -Wroclaw
  • Wroclaw – Dresden
  • Dresden- Nancy: Dresden city center tour as magnificent!
  • Nancy – Rennes: Nancy and its superb “Stanislas” square
  • In Poland we stayed two to three days in the same place! We also fell in love with Nuremberg and Dresden, two beautiful German cities!
  • Your rating on this destination
  • Sanitary conditions: 10/10
  • Ease of transport on site: 9/10
  • Ease of finding everything for baby (infant milk, potty, etc.): 10/10
  • Child-friendly activities: 10/10
  • Beauty of the landscapes: 10/10
  • Affordable budget: 10/10
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Thanks to Dan for his participation.

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