Restel includes in all its web reservations medical insurance and assistance COVID19


In this regard, this initiative was born to counteract the situation generated after the declaration of the World Pandemic, in which the vast majority of medical and travel insurance no longer covered the effects of Covid-19. Thus, and although this insurance does not only cover incidents with Covid-19 as the cause, the relevant and beneficial aspect of this measure is that the client will be covered even if the problem for which they require to use said insurance is caused by a contagion of any of the members of the reserve.

In this sense, the coverage includes medical expenses, extended stays for relatives and even repatriation, and access to benefits is managed with a simple phone call to the insurance company from the destination where the client is.

This is the 2nd collaboration experience between Grupo Hotusa and March Risk Solutions who already share the hotel risk management project, Hotusa Risk Solution.