Renfe will adjust their costs, but without having to lay off

Renfe will adjust their costs, but without having to lay off

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Renfe ultima a plan of adjustment costs to the scenario of a much smaller market following the pandemic of the coronavirus. According to The Economist, the address has moved to the representatives of the workers the goal of “cutting costs in contracted services externally” discarding carry out some kind of ERE or ERTE (Renfe force you to give a name and mobile to buy a ticket).

Renfe, according to the above-mentioned header, yes you might get to negotiate with the unions to reduce personnel costs with the downward revision of the rate of replacement of staff retiring, which is now in the 105%. Renfe has some fixed costs very high since 40% of them correspond to the fees paid to Adif and 25% to personnel costs.

The secretary of State, Pedro Saura, already warned that the Administration was working to reduce costs in public companies due to the collapse of income by the economic crisis. “We are working on a thinning costs, a rationalization in the management of the resources of these entities. Affects Renfe, Adif, to Seittsa, Aena… next to this it is very important to the Reconstruction Plan of europe because a very significant portion will go to green mobility,” said Saura.

Renfe, as revealed Preferred, implanted a few weeks ago, the ticket custom in all its sales channels, and for all the commercial services (AVE, Alvia, or Euromed) and trains with seat reservation, to be able to contact travelers in case of need by the health alert or incident in the movement, has explained this Friday Renfe said in a statement. During the process of purchasing the ticket, you will be required to enter the mobile phone number and the contact details of the traveler.