Refunds air: Consumption threat but does not hit

Refunds air: Consumption threat but does not hit

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The Ministry of Consumer proclaimed on the 1st of June that would bring the courts to the 17 airlines for not offering the option of refund of the tickets of the cancelled flights by the pandemic Covid-19 (energy Consumption reporting to 17 airlines by omitting information on rebates). Despite the announcement, in which he gave the names of the airlines that were allegedly committing such infringements, some of which showed his surprise, still has not passed to the action.

According to Consubal, the department that leads Alberto Garzón “has not yet filed the lawsuit against the airlines, as promised”. The organization understands that “the announcement of Consumption is colliding with the interests of other Ministries”.

“In fact, there have been discrepancies and a lot of internal debate on what should the Government do and which line to follow, and there are two opposing forces in the Executive. On the one hand, the ministry is headed by José Luis Ábalos committed to allow the airlines to the issuance of bonds of one year’s duration for which you do not have to now face payments,” says Consubal, which regrets that despite its repeated complaints to Easa, Consumption, the Ombudsman and the Directorate-General of Consumption, until the moment nothing has been done.

“As consumers we have yet to receive the money despite the fact that the laws we defend,” continues the organization, that figure of 200 million euros the amount that the airlines have to return to customers for cancellations caused by the health crisis (Airlines: impossible to request the refund in your web pages).