Reconciling heat and walking tourist, it is possible

Reconciling heat and walking tourist, it is possible

International tourism

The heat wave
takes ground in France and is in the titles of regional newspapers. “More
a summer without a heat wave,” says The Union. “It will be necessary to be
do,” says The Ardennesand get used to the strong
heat”, stresses The Is Flash.

This weather
canicular is all the more difficult to bear since it is now necessary to carry
the mask when outside in many cities. Then for escape despite
the health concerns and the scorching heat
, what is better than to do
a bit of tourism in the night ?

advises to visit the fortress of Carcassonne, a monster, three
kilometres of ramparts and 52 towers. The tourist Office offers tours of
with torches lit everywhere, giving the atmosphere enough
the mystery of the building.

more adventurous, another city of Occitania is not to be missed : Sète,
dominated by the Mont Saint-Clair, a former landmark of navigators and pirates.