Professionals agree: traveling after the pandemic will be different


According to the report, 7% consider that the Spanish travels after the pandemic they will be “very different”; 23% think they will be “quite different” and 49% think they will be “a little different.”

In this way, those who think that COVID-19 will affect in some way to travel represent 79% of those surveyed, while only 21% do not believe that tourism will be very different from previous years.

However, a large majority think that the trips of the next few years will develop in the same way that they had been doing before the coronavirus crisis.

In the opinion of the agents, the aspects that will experience the most changes will be, in principle, contract form of trips (48.9%), the characteristics of the accommodations (46.7%) and the requirements of the media transport (40.2%).

They emphasize that flexibility in the contracting of travel and delay they would play a “very relevant” role in the booking of reservations in the travel after the pandemic.

Main conclusions of the ObservaTUR 2021 report.

The services to be hired to the agencies in the future they would also be subject to modifications, according to the professionals. Specifically, 6 out of 10 of those consulted believe that the need for information on the part of customers will increase in relation to the trip itself and the destinations.

Other elements that will undergo transformations will be Destinations which would be chosen at first and the type of trip that would be sought. Regarding destinations, the report ensures that places with greater sanitary guarantees, closer and less crowded and sustainable will be sought.

The profile of travelers and the length of their stays, on the contrary, they would be the aspects that would vary the least when planning and making a trip.

ObservaTUR is a tool for the follow-up and monitoring of outbound tourism, which includes Amadeus, AON, Beroni, Carrefour Viajes, IAG7 Viajes / Airmet, Iberia, Movelia, ReiniziaT, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation and the National Association of Travel Agencies (ONE V).