Bucht von Alcúdia, Mallorca

Pilot project in the corona crisis: Starting Monday, 4000 vacationers from Germany are allowed to Mallorca


Germany was chosen because the epidemiological situation there was very good and similar to that in the Balearic Islands, it was said. There should not be a two-week quarantine, as is currently mandatory for all foreign visitors to Spain, in the Balearic Islands. According to this information, individual tourism is initially not planned.

Official border opening only on July 1st

The whole of Spain, which had been hit particularly hard by the Corona crisis, does not want to open up to foreign tourists until two weeks later. The pilot project in the Balearic Islands is said to serve to test the emergency – the expected rush of tourists after the borders open on July 1. One wants to check whether the security measures work among other things at the airports and in the hotels, it said. The regional president wants to announce tourist Francina Armengol on Tuesday, it said.

Protests over pilot project

The pilot project was planned by the Balearic Government together with four local hotel chains, the “Mallorca Zeitung” reported. On the German side, the tour operators Tui, DER Touristik and Schauinsland Reisen are involved. In Mallorca, German vacationers should be accommodated at Playa de Palma and in the Bay of Alcúdia. The newspaper reported that there had been protests among locals about the pilot project. Parts of the population living there are afraid for their health.

Canaries are also negotiating a pilot project

The Canary Islands are also reportedly negotiating a similar pilot project with Madrid. In these talks, no decision had yet been made on Monday because the Canary Islands had “higher security requirements”, including corona virus tests for all visitors, “El País” reported.

Great demand for holidays in Mallorca

As the “Mallorca magazine“Reportedly, the island is expecting a huge rush of visitors after July 1st when the borders officially open. The hoteliers on the island have therefore already considered reopening more accommodations than planned. The international airport association IATA has therefore already recommended that the airlines rethink their market strategy in order to meet the great demand for Mallorca holidays.