Photo-The map of countries according to the degree of travel restriction

Photo-The map of countries according to the degree of travel restriction

International tourism

With the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, countries imposed different restrictions to contain the contagion, especially affecting the air sector, so travelers should consult the measures of each country, both for departure and arrival at their destination.

The map reflects the measures of the countries, these range from those that are open for travel, that do not require covid-19 testing or quarantine, such as Colombia or Mexico. Others are open to travel with the covid-19 test required, this applies among others to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Egypt.

There are also restrictions in countries such as Bolivia or Paraguay, which are open for travel with covid-19 test and quarantine on arrival. With restricted entry are Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, China, or Canada, among others. Entry is only for the return of its citizens and those who meet strict requirements. However, the restrictions are constantly changing according to the provisions of each country, so they should be updated, as stated by TravelWeekly

Spain recently imposed the entry restriction on previous travellers from several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Argentina and Bolivia, in principle until 9 August and with some exceptions. “Extraordinary measures were taken with countries with very unfavourable developments in their epidemiological situation. The objective is to identify any imported cases and limit the uncontrolled dissemination from them, ” the authorities of that country announced.

As reported, The United States included Spain in its “black list”, for the great increase that the Iberian country has had in this summer season, so the Biden government puts Spain as a high-risk destination for Covid-19, at level 4. (USA puts Spain on its blacklist to travel for contagions).

The alert sent by the State Department, on the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, indicates that American citizens avoid traveling to Spain because of the health emergency that is lived there. Also the alert goes for trips to Portugal.