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PCR less than 72 hours: the new travel crash test?


Virtually all countries today rightly require a PCR health test before crossing their borders.
The acronym PCR stands for “polymerase chain reaction”.
“It is a laboratory technique which, thanks to” amplification “devices, makes it possible to detect molecules present in very small quantities in a biological sample” (*)
It is on this analysis, erected for lack of anything better as an essential sesame for destinations, that today rests all air transport, business travel and outgoing tourism (excuse the little).
Let’s not talk about the efficiency of these tests which depends greatly on how the nasal sample was collected. If the quality of it is not proven, the initial result as the final one can be completely wrong.

And in all cases, depending on the time elapsed, mutations towards the positive or the negative, can also take place.
This is why some countries also request a follow-up in the following days and an additional test for confirm or deny the starting result.

Let’s move on to the relevance of these tests. They are worth what they are worth and today there is nothing better on hand.
What is really a problem is the timeframe for results.

Usually when you fly you should be able to show negative test results carried out within 72 hours before boarding.

French people to clinics, labs and hospitals …

However, the systematic and massive screening policy pushed by the Government, has precipitated the French towards clinics, laboratories and hospitals.
We crossed the million test mark last week.

This tests tirelessly and without too much concern for priorities: symptoms, suspicion, prevention, formalities… everyone is put in the same bag.
In Marseille, for example, the queues in front of hospitals stretch for several hundred meters. Laboratories in large cities take several days (sometimes up to ten) before making an appointment.
As for the results, space requirements, we have gone from 24 to 48 hours in principle, to several days for obtaining them. And it is not the few agreements made by the Airlines with certain laboratories that will change the situation.
This makes the task (and the responsibilities) of tour operators and travel agencies, already facing an unprecedented crisis, particularly difficult. They who were counting on the bookings of the autumn winter period in the Indian Ocean, Asia, the Pacific, the West Indies …
And customers who are already hungry will have to deal with a new type of stress: the fear of being turned back at the airport for lack of results presented within the required deadline.

When you leave with your family with an average basket of several thousand euros, it could not be more dissuasive … (Cqfd)
(*) Hopital.fr

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