Passengers escape on the runway when a plane lands in Son Sant Joan


One of the detainees is the traveler who allegedly simulated a diabetic coma and facilitated that around a score of fellow passengers will get off the aircraft and flee through the runways, which forced the closure of the mallorcan airport in compliance with the security protocol.

Another five people have been detained by the Civil Guard in the municipality of Marratxí, bordering the airport grounds, and have been placed at the disposal of the National Police, while the other fugitives are still being searched.

As reported by the Police, the urgent landing took place around 7:00 p.m. and the passenger transferred to the hospital was discharged as soon as he underwent a medical examination at the Son Llátzer hospital.

In the ambulance he was accompanied by a passenger who was traveling with him who fled when he arrived at the health center.

Photo: Diario de Mallorca.

For almost five hours the Civil Guard, with a score of vehicles, searched the airport runways to rule out the presence of passengers fled from the Moroccan plane and ensure that security was not put at risk, while the Police also tracked the perimeter of the facilities.

Likewise, both security forces established search devices in the surroundings of the aerodrome to locate the escaped travelers in an episode that the investigators consider an episode of irregular migratory entry.

The rest of the passenger and crew of the aircraft, from Royal Air Maroc company, remain in police custody at the airport of the Balearic capital.

The investigators try to establish the circumstances in which the urgent landing has occurred from a supposedly simulated health emergency and the degree of knowledge and participation of those who were traveling on the plane.