Pamplona: hotels and restaurants, united to attract local tourism


Twenty-six establishments of the Pamplona Hotel Association and 40 restaurants in Navarra they will offer special prices for their services throughout the month for those who spend the night or have lunch and dinner in the city, with the aim of promote the attractiveness of the destination, publicize the quality of the sector and that the tourist offer, one of the most affected globally by the crisis of coronavirus is now open and running.

The campaign is the result of close public-private collaboration between industry associations and the City Council, which will invest 25,500 euros in support measures through the organization of guided tours, the dissemination of the information campaign through a digital media plan and the promotion of this initiative in the neighboring country. “Cómete Pamplona” also has the support of Department of Tourism of the Government of Navarra through the tourist offices.

The Estudio Key company is responsible for the graphic and creative work of the campaign.

Stays in the almost 30 hotels adhered to the campaign, with predetermined price ranges, include breakfast and 90-minute guided tour of Pamplona, leaving daily at 6.30 pm; while the restaurants offer special menus with seasonal local produce and Navarrese broths, also available for the residents of the city.

Visitors can access the information of the hotels and restaurants adhered to “Eat Pamplona” on the website of, and the only requirement to qualify for these special conditions is to carry out the book directly at the establishment, either hotel or restaurant, mentioning the campaign.